Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll

This morning I lost twenty minutes of valuable writing time trying to figure out how long I would have to be stranded on a desert island before I would willingly eat a coconut.

desert island painting

It took so long because once I had come up with an answer, three days, I moved on to wondering how long it would take for me to start liking the taste (at least nine days). ¬†When I got to “Suppose I was stranded with coconut trees and a case of Dr. Pepper, which one would I turn to first,” I realized that things were getting silly.

Here’s the question: ¬†Where does your mind go when it wanders off the beaten path and/or what foods do you hate in an I-would-have-to-be-stranded-on-a-desert-island-to-eat-that kind of way?

By [E]SaraB

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I was going to say “Every food I dislike I am allergic to anyway,” but then I remembered… rice pudding, tapioca, and any of those foods with a solid in an opaque liquid. Eeeeeeew!

I am phobic of dirty water (“dirty” having an interesting definition when you get right down to it) and dirty liquids.

For some reason, I have no problem eating soup.

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