Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll

Today I wore corduroy pants.  As I walked down the hall I had to smile at the “whip-whip” noise they make.  Whenever I hear that sound I am transported back to the 70’s, walking with my dad and wondering why my pants didn’t make cool noises too.  There are lots of little things like that lurking in my brain.  The sound of fingers sliding over guitar strings also makes me think of my dad, kumquats make me think of my high school friend Gary and raspberries make me think of our own dear Ophelia.

What about you?  What never fails to transport you back in time?

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the smell of luan being ripped on a table saw reminds me of the summer I dogged Sara M into Becoming Sara B.

the smell of bradford pear tree (aka fish tree) Common on the campus of my High School and in the town square of my quaint southern town always remind my of being a 19 year old single Dad Taking Noah for walks in the square and little old ladies yelling at me for smoking and drinking Coffee around someone elses kid. (for those who don’t know I look very native american and my son if very PALE with blonde hair and BIG blue eyes)

Definitely old lotion scents that I wore at a specific time–like the Body Shop variety I used the year I studied abroad–and sometimes clothes, but often I think that’s because of photos. Songs I listened to when I jogged in certain places, too. I used to listen to that Jesse McCartney song “Leavin'” a lot when I jogged around the lake behind my apartment in Bavaria, and now if that song comes on my running playlist I can picture the trail and the lake and the walkers on Sundays who were always there.

Palmolive dish soap and concord grapes–quickly transports me back to the kitchen of my grandma’s farmhouse.

Cherry flavored ju-ju candy. We used to ride our bikes to this tiny store in my hometown to get them (they looked like coins) for a penny a piece.

The smell of burning wood will always remind of me of all the camping trips I went on as a child

The smell of Eternity reminds me of my sister–and not in a good way.

“In the Air Tonight” reminds me of the first one night-stand I ever had–at 18, I thought it was such a romantic song to play-BUWAHAHAHAHA!

“Bust a Move” was the ‘starter’ song to the college parties my roomies and I would throw and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” was the cleaning song before said parties. My roommate Tony had some great dance moves with the vacuum cleaner to that one.

Memories….like the corners of my mind. Misty, water colored memories. (thankfully this song reminds me of absolutely nothing.

Oy, tried to hit reply and hit the flag button- sorry Sally J! The little boy I used to nanny for did this, too. His mom wore a very unique scent, as did his aunt, and him and his cousin could both tell when their mom’s were wearing something they had borrowed from the other.

I’ve always read that smell is really closely linked with memory, but for me it’s always sounds and usually songs – and the associations aren’t even always that meaningful. “E-Bow the Letter” by REM, for example, takes me back to my first year of college when a few of us were driving around trying to find the local “adult superstore,” got turned around on a really rural road, went over a small hill and the headlights hit a man walking along the side of the road carrying an axe.

The Doctor Who theme song makes me think of watching old episodes with my dad, and zucchini bread makes me think of my mom.

oh the song “Me & Bobby McGee” makes me thinks of the dear Angie B & our room in Clare Hall, the perfume “Beautiful” makes me think of my mom, the smell of the dry cleaners sends me back to the corner dry cleaner we frequented when I was six, which then makes me think of yellow lollipops…I could go on and on :)

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