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Misfits in the U.K.

I know what you’re thinking: Another show about superpowers? That’s been done a million times! Maybe, but this show takes that premise and makes it so much better.

Logo for British TV show Misfits

Misfits is a British TV show about a gang of five teenagers who get caught in a flash storm while doing Community Service and find themselves with strange superpowers. They’re all outsiders-there’s party-girl Alisha, tough “chav” Kelly, former track star Curtis, cripplingly shy Simon and smartass Nathan.

Not your typical superheroes.

This show has it all: comedy, entertainment, action and drama. The characters are seriously flawed, but they grow so much as the show progresses. It’s a very accurate representation of the feelings and actions of teenagers. It’s not overly dramatic; it’s more like real youth who suddenly find themselves with uncontrolled powers, together with their hormones and need to find a way to handle themselves.

Simon Bellamy, played by Iwan Rheon on the British TV show Misfits.
Simon, one of the Misfits.

It’s a nice to see a British production in what seems to be a highly Americanized genre. It makes a pleasant change and British shows are less afraid to show us the dark side of teenagers. Yes, there is plenty of sex and foul language and while this is something which might turn some people off, it is appropriate in this case and works. This isn’t as finely polished or big-budgeted as ‘Heroes’ and other superhero shows but that just makes it all the better. The show’s value comes from the characters and storylines as opposed to flashy CGI and unlike Heroes it doesn’t drag or make itself overly complicated. A fundamentally dark and gritty plot is propelled along by character-driven humor and the overall result is compelling. It is well paced and the producers haven’t made the often mistake of developing the powers too quickly. If anything, the superpowers are rather background material in the first season, but become more important as more people affected by the storm start to come out of the woodwork.

In conclusion, you all need to watch this show! It starts a little rusty, but like wine, it gets better with time.

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Curtis nodded and went “Yeah, this is cool.”

Kelly read it, cocked her head, and said “Gogegrwyrfuyhveqkl friuhqevfivqfuyasycdv.”

I wish I could say Alisha read it, but she was too busy talking about that time her cousin shagged three guys at once behind a bar. And they were REALLY UGLY.

Simon read it, copied and pasted the contents to a special folder, and then named it “Bee Van Abeille”. Last I saw he was walking off with his camera phone.

Nathan’s too busy doing disgusting things to household objects. Sorry.

/Lovely article, Bee
//People, you HAVE to watch this show, it is FANTASTIC. Listen to the wise Bee.

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