Pantone Chip Cookies

Editor’s Note – I saw pictures of these floating around tumblr, so I contacted the original artist, Kim Neill, to see if she would let us crosspost her original blog post here.  She said yes! Join me in giving her a warm welcome, and maybe we can convince her to come back and write for us again.  This post may be found in its original context here: Pantone Cookies!

Iced sugar cookies made to look like Pantone color chips in pink, orange and green.

Iced sugar cookies made to look like Pantone color chips in a red Pantone branded tin.Any good designer knows the way to a clients heart is through their stomach. So when deciding what kind of cookies to make for client gifts this year I thought, why make the usual chocolate chip cookies when I can make PANTONE CHIP cookies!

The idea hit me when I came across these fab Pantone Chip Tins at Blick’s Art Supply. They came in different colors but I picked up six tins in classic 186 C. Loaded with cookies they make the perfect client gift.

These cookies were so FUN to make! Easy too. Just rolled out some cookie dough and sliced into rectangles to bake. I made one big batch of royal icing in white then had a little bowl where I mixed colors one at a time as I went. I used an edible marker to write the chip numbers on once the icing was set.

Table covered with tins and trays of iced sugar cookies and a Pantone reference book open to a page of shades of blue.

Iced sugar cookies made to look like Pantone color chips in metalic blue, purple and turquoise

I even made METALLIC chips! Being the proud owner of several bottles of luster dust I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use it here! I made Metallic Silver 877, Gold 871 and Pink 8062.

Iced sugar cookies made to look like Pantone color chips in a pile, close up view.

The cookies were a HUGE hit with all my clients and I’ve already received requests for refills. Interesting to see which colors went first. PMS 485, PMS 183 and Silver 877 seemed to be the most popular!

Iced sugar cookies made to look like Pantone color chips in a red Pantone themed tin.



I used Mary’s Sugar Cookie recipe from the Betty Crocker cookbook. Super tasty.

Roll dough out between 1/4″ and 1/8″ thickness. I find thinner cookies keep their shape better.

Cut 2″ x 2.5″  rectangles out of dough (You can cut a stencil from cardboard to trace if you like).

Cook until lightly golden brown, keeping an eye on them as they cook because they cook quickly!


This is a great recipe to use because it keeps color vibrant, doesn’t fade and dries nice without being too hard. Flavor with white vanilla here if you can. Regular vanilla tends to darken the icing a bit. You might want to adda bit more milk then the recipe calls for to get the perfect spreading consistency. Royal sugar cookie icing recipe at


Make a big bowl of white royal icing.

Start by spreading a strip of white icing across the all the cookie bottoms and let dry.

Now use what’s left of your white icing to make colors.

I made colors one at a time as I went. Scoop 3-4 heaping tablespoons of icing in a tiny bowl and then color with solid food coloring. This will color 3-5 cookies.

Once you are done with one color, rinse your bowl out and start again. Doing colors this way keeps the mess down and you don’t have to worry about what you just mixed drying out.

Don’t worry about matching a PMS color exactly.  I just eyed it and then grabbed the PMS book once cookies dried to identify the right color.

Using a food dye pen, write the matching PMS number down on the cookies.

To make Metallic Chips, use a soft brush or cotton ball to burnish icing surface with gold or silver luster dust.

These were REALLY fun to make and taste even better!

Author Kim is wearing a huge grin as she holds up a pink Pantone chip cookie from a tin filled with cookies.

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