Photographer Spotlight: Finch

We would like to welcome the newest addition to our little family here at Persephone! This is Finch Linden, a wonderful photographer who was more than willing to contribute to this site. Lets all make her welcome. She has some amazing photos of just about everything. Here are some photos below. Take a look and enjoy this new addition to our little family!


The Definite Articles ‘King Merriweather’ album release show.


A very special overnight tour of Alcatraz.

“On the Hill”

From the House of Erins.


Salted Maple Bacon Caramels.


Nervous Gangsters of the Sea.


Glass bottles at the Fort Greene Flea Market in Brooklyn.


It was holding a bass guitar before this. I like it better this way.

My grandpa shot this deer somewhere in New York State.

“Terminal at O’Hare”

One of the terminals at O’Hare Airport. Very surprising.

Here is her flickr site, peruse at your leisure:

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