Photographer Spotlight

Editor’s note: We’ve been incredibly lucky to find three (3!) incredibly talented photographers who have agreed to lend their talents to Persephone.  This post will introduce you to one of them, federov.  I found her on tumblr, home of all sorts of incredibly talented people and our prime recruiting spot.  Please enjoy her gorgeous (and I mean gorgeous) photography after the cut.  ~Ophelia

Find more of federov’s fantastic photos (alliteration not intended) at her Flickr or on Tumblr.

A black cat with green eyes on a white background

A fireman is seen approaching a building with a fire hose.

A snow covered blue bicycle leans against a pole on a crowded street.

A shooting star flies above a city on water at night.

A man in make-up and a glitter accented white suit and top hat smiles at the camera from a parade.

A snowy city street at sunrise

A horizon with the sun peeking over the trees.

A cutting board, knife and sliced fruit

A shot of an urban city from above.

Brightly colored Christmas lights.

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