Selling in a Buyer’s Market

Nearly nine years ago, my husband and I purchased our “starter home”. Nine years and two kids later, we’re still in our starter home. For nine months, we’ve been trying to sell our home, but with no luck.

We bought our home in 2002, when financing was easy and prices were robust. We thought the two bedroom, one car garage townhouse would be suit our newlywed selves, ad we figured we’d move on a few years and a few kids later.

Fast forward to 2010. Two kids have more than adequately filled our little townhouse. They run sprints back and forth, from wall to wall when we can’t go outside to play. It’s time to move.

The housing market started to tank in late 2005, and experts can’t agree whether or not the we’ve hit the bottom.

For nine months, we’ve had half of our belongings in a storage unit. We’ve had a whopping five showings.Only one home in our neighborhood has sold since we’ve listed. It’s been a slow go for sure.

We’ve read all the articles about what to expect in a down market. We’ve read about what to do to make for a quicker, better sale. And we know that once we sell this place, we should be able to get into a new house fairly easily. But the waiting is making me nuts.

Have you sold a house lately? Are you looking? What are your tips to make every showing count?

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I’m not selling a home right now, but my parents just found out my dad’s being transferred this summer, so they are about to start the process. They bought their home new and got a good deal on it, but they’re still thinking they’ll have to take at least 5-10% less than what they sold it for.

I don’t have any advice, just hang in there and best wishes to you guys.

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