Stickers For Grownups (and for kids)

I bought some sticker paper a while back and it was the best office supply related purchase I have made in recent memory. Ever since, I have been looking for things that need stickers.  Turns out, it’s everything! And the internet really comes in handy when looking for free downloadable sticker templates.

Recycling LabelsThis weekend I bought two inexpensive garbage cans to put recycling into, because I was tired of the plastic grocery bags of recyclables cluttering up my kitchen.  Enter: sticker paper.  I found a bunch of recycling stickers online, and ended up using these ones from Jinjerjup (this site has a ton of other cute printables too).  I just printed them out, cut them out and stuck them on my new garbage cans.  You can go to Bed Bath and Beyond and buy a double garbage can to sort recycling for $150 OR you can go to the dollar store and get two garbage cans for $7 each and put these stickers on the lids.  I smile every time I look at them.  There are also some different styles over at Poppytalk (another great source for printables).

I labeled my kitchen canisters with the green set from Just Something I Made.  She was using some fancy decal stuff, but I just printed out the stickers, cut them out and put a little clear packing tape over them to protect them from water.  They look almost as good as hers, I think.

For your kids, or the kid in you, I am obsessed with these stickers from Lotta Bruhn.  I want the animal ones on everything I own – I put some of them on a white board I use for making lists.  The space ones are also adorable.  Animal Stickers

If you google you can find downloadable sticker templates for holidays and with different designs.  Of course, you’re not limited to designated sticker templates and you can always print out whatever you want on a sticker and get creative!

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