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The Daily Goodie – 1/24

As the writer slated with bringing you the Monday Daily Goodie I always feel like I bear the burden of making sure I get your week started off right.  That’s why I am hoping that for this week you all are as obsessed with Oreos as I am.  I really enjoy an Oreo cookie, and I have been jonesing for all things Oreo as my body continues to prepare to store resources for the long winter.  So today we have an Oreo-themed Goodie.

Starting off with a Panda Cupcake from Little Nummies.  It’s an Oreo no-bake cupcake with an Oreo panda face.  I want to eat it and give it a kiss and a hug.  You can look at other pictures from her son’s Panda birthday – she dressed him in a Panda outfit!

Cupcake with a panda face made out of Oreo cookies

I thought these chocolate-covered Oreos that you can buy molds for from SpinningLeaf were pretty.

Milk-chocolate covered Oreos with a white chocolate flower design

For non-edibles, Etsy is your one-stop shop for Oreo-related accessories.

I liked this Oreo Best Friends necklace from Etsy seller BabyLovesPink, although I might be inclined to wear both halves because I’m greedy.

Two necklaces that are each one half of an Oreo.

Here is another necklace and earring set from Etsy seller rokacola.

Necklace and earrings that look like Oreos with a bite taken out of them.

Even though everyone knows that the appropriate way to eat an Oreo is to twist two apart, eat the cookie half of each one and then mush the cookies with the cream part together to make a double stuff (or ideally, quadruple stuff) Oreo.

And that brings me to the piece the resistance!  The…..

Quintrigenuple Stuffed Oreo!

Oreo made of what looks to be an entire box of Oreos stuffed together.

I have no idea who deserves original credit for this masterpiece, I found it on where they say they would buy one of these if it was sold in a can like Pringles.  Me too, GeekStir, me too.

By Luci Furious

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Ahahaha Oreo fun. What no oreo within a chocolate chip cookie that was haunting my Dash this weekend?

I am one of those weirdos who discards the creamy middle and just eats the “chocolate” cookies.

Do you remember an Avon Oreo type of cookie lip gloss dispenser? You could untwist the cookie and inside had two flavors of lip gloss. It was for Avon kiddies.

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