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The most disappointing skin-care product

I haven’t been this disappointed with a purchase since I mistakenly bought a bag of decaf coffee and spent a week and a half thinking I had developed a superhuman tolerance for caffeine.   The product in question is the Neutrogena Wave.  OK, it’s the CVS knock-off, but it said “compare to the Wave!” so I am assuming they are similar in function.  Also, it’s called the CVS Deep Action Power Cleanser, which is a cumbersome name.

I’m a sucker for skin-care products and I’m always on the hunt for something that will clean out my pores better.  I was reading reviews of the Clarisonic, but until an angel comes down from heaven and says “You, Luci Furious, will never regret buying this product because it will clear up your acne forever” I am not shelling out $200 on a face toothbrush.  Enter: The (CVS-brand) Wave.  It was on sale at CVS and I decided it would be worth a shot.  I am actually considering seeing if I can return it, which I almost never do, because it was that much of a disappointment.

The CVS Wave is a tennis-ball sized device that has a chamber for your favorite face wash.  You then stick a “cleansing pad” onto a velcro-looking flat part of the ball, squeeze out some gel onto the pad and turn it on to either the low or high setting and clean your face.

I’ll start with the pads, which are nothing more than cotton rounds with a hole in the middle to go over the hole that the face wash is supposed to come out of.  The Wave is supposed to vibrate, but it mostly just buzzes and I didn’t notice any difference when it was off, on the low setting, or the high setting.  You could tape a cotton round to your electric toothbrush or marital aid for the same effect.  Also, the facewash never came out when I squeezed it; I ended up putting the facewash on my face on my own and rubbing the CVS Wave over my face.  I didn’t end up with a cleaner face at all, but I was more annoyed so it did accomplish something.

And now I’m even more angry because when I was looking for a picture for this post, I see that it’s on sale on for $11, the regular price online is $13 but I paid $14 at the store! I was ripped off!

Oh, and if you’re thinking of using this for the obvious alternative: Don’t bother, it’s not powerful enough.

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That’s disappointing. I’ve been momentarily tempted by those gadgets before, but never bit. I did buy a Zeno in a moment of desperateness though–and I think, if anything, it made the pimples I “zapped” with it worse. And it was very painful too. And I don’t even want to think about how much it cost.

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