These Gloves Make My Fingers Smarter!

If you own a smart phone or you’ve tried using a touchscreen ATM with gloves on, you’ve probably noticed that, well, you can’t. Many touchscreens rely on your finger to complete a circuit to make it work. When you wear gloves, somehow, (magically), the screen knows it’s not your finger. Which leaves a lot of people with icy fingers or unanswered phone calls at the bus stop, on the playground, and while walking the dog. (Remember, with most smart phones, you need to touch the screen to even answer the phone, so it’s not about sending email or checking Facebook while you are outside waiting at the bus stop with your kid, really, it’s not!)

Enter: gloves that work with your smart phone! I received a pair for as a gift this Christmas, and I am pleased to report they really work!
I got Isotoner’s version in black. They are very thin, yet extremely warm. As in, I can’t wear them when it’s above freezing or my hands sweat. These are some warm gloves.

The gloves feature conductive thread on the thumbs and index fingers, the four fingers users need to manipulate a touchscreen. The inside of the gloves have a webbed grip pattern that make gripping the sometimes slippery electronics easy. They are very form fitting, so if you aren’t sure on size, try them on before buying.

Of course, after I received my gift, I found this post on how to make any gloves touchscreen friendly by sewing a patch on conductive thread on the appropriate fingers. Has anyone done this? Would love to know if it worked for you!

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I don’t know anyone who has tried conductive patches, but my sister-in-law knits and last year she made us fancy gloves with the tips of the thumb and forefinger left off so you could work your iPhone.  As an added benefit, I read while I take my dogs out to play in the yard and her gloves solved my “turning pages with gloved fingers” issues.  

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