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Thursday Caption: Barbie’s Come a Long Way, Baby

It’s Thursday caption time once again, although I’m kind of hoping the image I picked will inspire some discussion, too.  I found it on Reddit, so the source is unknown (I would love to know if it was originally posted with some context, although the images says quite a bit.)

Barbie seems to have done a little changing since the 90’s, yeah?  Bad enough the poor lady has to live in a state of perpetual tippy-toe and serious panty lines, now she looks as though she’s about to drop gracefully into a back bend at any second.  You’re in your sixties, Barbie! Mind your lower back!

Two Barbie fashion dolls lie side by side to show the dramatic difference in body shapes.  The Barbie on the left is labled "90's Barbie" the doll on the right is labeled "00's Barbie."  90's Barbie is headless.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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