Tuesday Trivia

Tuesday Trivia: Fun and Games

Today’s trivia is all about fun and games.  I guess that’s kind of redundant, since trivia is itself fun and a game, but who cares? My one rule today is – if you post answers in the comments, you MUST answer the bonus question.  You can be as creative or traditional as you like.  If I get any good ones, I’ll include a list in tomorrow’s post with the answers.  You have until 4:00 tomorrow.  On your marks… Get set…  Go!

1.  What is the actual name of the plush horse-head-on-a-stick toy pictured above?

2.  What was originally billed as “A Party In a Box” in the 1980’s?

3.  What is “Simple and Clean”?

4.  This item was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in 2008 because, among other things, it can be a sword, a light saber, a bat, a hockey stick, a pen or a magic wand.

5.  Strawberry Shortcake may be the nicest girl in Berry Bitty City, but which of her friends is a book lover?

6.  Which will keep my six-year-old daughter entertained longer, a Barbie Doll or a Whoopie Cushion?

7.  This “magic” toy now comes in versions which will offer daily affirmations, quick psychological advice, instant excuses or sarcastic quips.

8.  Released in 1982, what was the Colecovision knock-off of Pac-Man called?

9.  Which toy has been described as; bizarre, creepy, dangerous and ‘the devil’ (especially if you are a worrisome 8 year old with lots of irrational fears and a perfectionist streak)?

10.  What flavor are green Smarties?

*Bonus – It’s all fun and games until _______.

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8 replies on “Tuesday Trivia: Fun and Games”

1. Hobby horse
2. Trivial Pursuit
3. Two concepts I am unfamiliar with.
4. Wii controller?
6. Whoopie cushion.
7. Magic 8-Ball
8. Argh! Texas Instruments had Munch Man, I don’t know ColecoVision’s.
9. Bwah, I love you as much as I hate Perfection. Stupid horrible game. *shivers*
10. Foul. They are foul flavored.
Bonus: …the Jell-o on the Slip and Slide dries up.

1. Hobby horse
2. Twister
4. A stick?? I know that’s a stupid guess but I feel like I read an article about that…
6. I don’t know her personally but I’m going to guess whoopi cushion, because if you don’t like to play pretend, dolls can be realllllllly boring.
7. Magic 8 Ball
9. Perfection! I was going to guess Ouija board initially…
10. I don’t know but they taste like sand. I’ll guess lime though.

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