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Tuesday Trivia: Know Thyself

Today we are focusing on our bodies, ourselves.  That’s right, we’re talking anatomy.  The human body is a fascinating thing and we want to know, how well do you know yourself?

anatomical drawing of the back1.  Where is your stapes?

2.  This is the only bone not articulated with another bone (that means it is not a part of a joint).  They talk about it all the time on C.S.I.

3.  What is the tensor fascia lata?

4.  Where do you have a sphincter – your face, your stomach or your butt?

5.  Where would you find the axillary region?

6.  What is an ester?

7.  How many phalanges does the average human have?

8.  Can you name three, three-letter body parts?  There are at least ten to choose from.

9.  What exactly is a verruca?

10.  How did the atlas get its name?

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1. ear
2. hyoid, and the reason CSI talks about it is it gets damaged when someone is strangled
3. aka iliotibial band, runs along the outside of the thigh
4. butt, but the stomach has one, too
5. armpit
6. a chemical compound that has two oxygens in a row–is that what you mean?
7. 20 (toes and fingers)
8. ear, eye, arm (although I like the “tit” response!
9. I’m going with wart
10. Atlas is the god who holds up the world, and that top bone in the spine holds up your head (my favorite bone!)

I’ll admit I had an advantage because I studied anatomy as a massage therapist and chiropractor. It was a very fun trivia quiz, though!

I was waiting all day for this because I was sure I’d be awesome at it. Ha!
1. That’s one of the bones in the ear.
2. I know the ear bones float, but I don’t think that’s what you mean. Is it the zyphoid process?
3. It’s a layer of skin from somewhere.
4. In the stomach AND in the butt.
5. In your armpit.
6. The fifth star point in Eastern Star, also a bible lady.
7. 10? Are each of the finger and toe bones phalanges?
8. ear, toe, eye
9. That horrible girl in Willy Wonka
10. The dude who held up the world?

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