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We Try It: The Turbie Twist Towel

I have been growing my hair out for the last year and it’s a learning process in figuring out how to style and take care of longer hair than I’ve ever had.  One of the biggest obstacles for me is blow drying.  I hate blow drying my long hair. It takes for-ev-er and I don’t love damaging my hair.  At the CVS I saw that they had the “Turbie Towel” by the makers of the “Turbie Twist.”  The package said it is a “super absorbent hair towel!” and “will reduce blow drying time!” and it was on sale! Sold! If you’re wondering what is the difference between the Turbie Twist and the Turbie Towel it is that the Twist has a tapered end and a little elastic thing in the back to tuck the end into, the Towel is just a regular towel shape and it’s bigger than a hand towel, but smaller than a regular bath towel.  This is actually the saddest part about the Turbie Towel.  The Turbie Twist has going for it a stupid name AND a silly design.  And who doesn’t love hilarity in their bath products? I know I do.  All the Turbie Towel has going for it is that it’s pink.

So, I haven’t actually blown dry my hair since I got the Turbie Towel, so I’m not sure if it actually reduces blow drying time.  I also haven’t done any quantitative analysis of my hair moisture with and without the Towel, so I can’t definitively say that it reduces moisture.  I can say that it is so much lighter and less bulky than a regular bath towel, that I am much more likely to keep it on my head longer so it has more time to absorb the moisture.  So far the thing I have enjoyed the most is that I don’t feel compelled to rub the towel all over my head like I’m itching fleas when I’m drying it.  As a result, when I brush my hair out it doesn’t have any tangles and feels really smooth.  That’s a big bonus since these days it feels like I’m brushing out a hamster’s worth of hair after every shower.

In conclusion: for $5, I feel like it was a worthwhile purchase. I’m probably not going to stock a whole linen closet with Turbie Towels (although I see there is a polka dot version, which is relevant to my interests), but I enjoy being able to paint my nails or wander around with a towel on my hair and not feel like I am about to bobble-head my way to a broken neck.

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Ugh, blow-drying is the worst. And I completely agree about overly bulky towels wrapped around your head–at times painful, always falling apart on you just as you’re getting dressed or washing your hands or doing something which disallows you from putting it back on immediately!

I wish it was called the Furbie Towel/Twist though.

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