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Wednesday Night Live

I was completely stumped and unable to come up with a fun audience participation dare, so tonight you get an open thread! Spontaneous dance parties, discussions about cute famous people and stories about your pets are encouraged.  Have fun, we’ll see you in the morning!  (Various staff people will be around to approve new commenters!)

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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@Hattie McDoogal
Excellent! I’m really curious to know how fast you’re supposed to feel results. I could see this being the kind of thing where they just keep telling you to come back and eventually you’ll feel better. I’m going to be psyched (haha, see what I did there?!) if I feel some sort of immediate result, even if it’s not long lasting after just the first treatment. I hope someone can get me in today!

I have never gotten it, but I had a professor back in college (a Psych professor! So, kind of a scientist!) who swore by it. He had chronic pain, and he said the first time he got acupuncture, it was as if you’d been hearing a constant noise for months, and all of a sudden there was silence.

(Yes, I was kind of in love with him)

So, I have a lot of pain in my elbows. I’ve never forked out the cash for a doctor to tell me what’s wrong and explain that there’s nothing they can do about it. I think tomorrow I’m going to see about getting acupuncture done. Has anyone ever gotten acupuncture or known anyone that has?

For some reason, I can’t reply, just post a new post, so @philososaurus: Do you have a dollar in change?  Or is that insulting?  I don’t know the ettiquette in drink tipping.  I never went to bars, and the first time I was somewhere where we bought drinks at a bar, I thought my husband accidentally left his change behind.  I scooped it up, brought it back to him, and he said, “That was the bartender’s tip!”  Oops.  I took it back and gave it to the bartender, saying. “I don’t get out much, and didn’t realize this was yours.  Sorry!”

I… I’ve never… I’ve never gotten to start an open thread! *binks*
I’m currently debating whether or not I should run down and get a free gin and soda water. But I don’t have a dollar to tip. But I’ve tipped a dollar on every other one? I can leave two next time right? 

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