We’re Liveblogging the State of The Union Address Tonight!

Check back here at 9 PM EST, when Selena and I will be offering up our wittiest, most insightful commentary about President Obama’s speech. We’ll attempt to balance out all the undoubtedly heavy topics he’s likely to discuss with our brand of levity, except when he talks about job creation, at which point I, for one, will probably just cry little underemployed ladyblogger tears into my beer. Or super-sweetened iced tea, as the situation calls for it.

So please come join us in the comments–this is definitely a case of the more the merrier! Saddle up to your computer, open a few tabs of Courage Wolf pictures, just in case, have snacks and your drink of choice at the ready (I recommend Cheetos and alternating caffeine + sugar + a smidge or seven of alcohol, for optimum commenting speed and hilarity), and follow along on your TV or any one of several websites livestreaming the Address:

The White House


Washington Post

As far as predicting what Obama will talk about, we can be certain the focus will be on the economy, specifically job creation, and possibly how to start making in-roads to lessening our national debt. To that end, Obama will surely bring up the healthcare bill and cite how the Congressional Budgetary Office determined it would save the U.S. money in the long run (and by “long” I mean a single decade).

I’m also pretty dadgum sure he’ll at least briefly touch on bipartisanship and promoting a more civil Washington, though it always irks me that he has to present it as an across-the-aisle problem, instead of just saying, “Republicans and their wacky accusations are out of control. End of story. Rein it in, guys.”

Chris Weigant at HuffPo has a very comprehensive, very intelligent, very well-reasoned breakdown of what Obama is likely to say and even how and when he will say it, so check that out if you want more info.

For those of you who think the President’s great and all, but are worried this speech could be a little ho-hum, the Huffington Post’s got you covered with their Barack Obama 2011 SOTU Drinking Game:

-Every time Barack H. Obama mentions bipartisanship, everybody has to drink 2 shots of beer.

-If he talks about the lessons of Tucson, the last person to throw their arms in the air, fall to their knees and shout “Hallelujah!” has to drink 1 entire beer.

-Everybody has to drink 2 shots of beer whenever John Boehner appears to cry. 1 shot of bourbon if he breaks down sobbing and disappears entirely from view.

-Every time Barack H. Obama says “Democratic leadership,” the first person to stop laughing is exempt from drinking 2 shots of beer.

And there’s plenty more rules, weirdly enough involving sword-fighting with one of my least favorite forms of meat, hot dogs. (I am totally doing this.  This will be fun. ~Selena)

We really hope to see you back here tonight! To get everyone stoked, here’s the first ten minutes of JFK’s 1963 State of the Union address:

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