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TDG 2/22: Dressing Selena

A few posts back, the editors were surprised to see themselves the subject of a very fun Polyvore post. This morning, I decided to return the favor. After the cut, I introduce a wardrobe for Selena.

Dressing Selena

I’m still a newbie to Polyvore, but I think I got the essentials for her outfit. There are jeans and a sweater for the office casual, a simple skirt for a more dressy affair, and fun accessories. In case you haven’t guessed, music is essential to her well being. I’ve included Erasure’s Pop! because you can’t be in a bad mood while you listen to Erasure, and I’ve included Van Morrison not for “Moondance”, but for “Into the Mystic” instead.  The tennies are her preferred shoe, and she could totally pull off wearing them with either of these outfits. This whole ensemble is meant to be mix and match, which comes in handy since she never knows what a day might throw at her!

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Hey, is this the daytime open thread? How’s everybody doing?

I’m preparing tomorrow’s class while my partner makes dinner. Today I came home to him scrubbing the kitchen floor. Yay for partners who work from home and clean when they get bored! (When I get bored I watch TV, I’m like the opposite of a domestic goddess).

Awww. Well into my teens I was 90% sure that “Into the Mystic” was written for me and was therefore a super-secret between me and the Van and the man I was meant to be with (snort).

Yeah, I was that girl. And, I’m mildly ashamed to admit, when close friends used it for their wedding song, I was a little jealous. Now I can’t use it! For the non-existent wedding I may never have!

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