Feminist Coming Out Day

Feminist Coming Out Day was started in 2010 at Harvard University, when a queer student group and feminist club teamed up to spread awareness about gender equality. Co-founded by Lena Chen  (of Sex and the Ivy and the ch!cktionary fame) the groups were “inspired by National Coming Out Day, a holiday which encourages awareness of issues affecting the queer community. Our eventwas an opportunity for alliance, collaboration, bridge-building, and inclusion.”

This year, Feminist Coming Out Day is partnered with Bitch Magazine and taking the campaign online. Events will be taking place March 8 at universities and cities across the country. Click here to find events in your area.

I’ve been a fan of Lena Chen since her “Sex and the Ivy” days. I admire her for surviving the backlash and slut-shaming of her early college years and becoming a freelance writer and feminist activist. Her openness toward sexuality is so unusual for a brainy Asian girl (as fellow Asian, sometimes brainy girl, I salute her).

I donated $20, for which I will receive a “This is what a feminist looks like” T-shirt, button, and sticker. You can even donate as little as $2 and receive a sticker. Of course, it’s not really about the merchandise. For me, a working professional for whom earning a paycheck is novel enough that I still get excited every pay day, I often want to donate to causes but get confused when surveying all the organizations in existence. All proceeds go to Bitch Media, the nonprofit
organization that publishes “Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture.”

After donating, you can upload images/videos of yourself talking about what feminism means to you for the Feminism Portrait Project and spread the word on Twitter and Facebook about this event. The team can also help groups start a Feminist Portrait Project in their area by providing publicity and logistics, discounted merchandise, and creating a page specifically for your group on the website. Visit This is What a Feminist Looks Like ““ Feminist Coming Out Day 2011 for more information.


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