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A Selena Open Thread Means One Thing

Erasure.  Tonight, Erasure + ABBA, which equals awesome to the awesome power, or as I like to think of it, awfinity.  

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Otherwise, it looks like things are running smoothly! Have fun, be safe and here’s the promised Erasure. Followed by a little Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. It appeared in the “If you like this, try this” list on YouTube while I was searching for Erasure, and it’s true.  I DO like Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. Clever, clever YouTube.

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Hi all I guess I’m late to the party but I’ve been lurking for a bit. Straggled over from lurking over at Jezebel where the few times I dared comment I either got ignored or chastised. This blog seems more like my daily conversations with friends. MSCL recaps, a strata recipe, and intelligent articles? I’m sold!

basically I just need to share this.
my friend’s sister was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour a year and a half ago. the Children’s Wish Foundation offered her a wish and she did the most selfless thing ever. it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. she’s sixteen, and she asked for the CFW to donate money so people in Uganda could have clean water. this is the kind of thing that makes me remember that Christians can also be good people.

Criminal Minds is the most ridiculously addicting show ever. Even as I watch yelling at the screen that they just need to stop ripping off Thomas Harris and Psycho I still can’t stop watching. And I have an antenna so “watching” means “four hours on Ion.”

I also love it on shows like this when the characters are always reamed for their unconventional methods, yet their impeccable track records for catching like 100% of the criminals make it seem like their supervisors probably wouldn’t care that much.

I would think that of SVU, that the cops get reamed out by their superiors for getting themselves into trouble doing their job, but they always get the criminals anyhow. Usually it never works whenever someone is told to give up their badge/gun or that they’re suspended or off the case. They always go ahead and do their own thing anyway.

Does anyone watch the show Detroit 1-8-7? I really like the show, it is well-written with good actors and I like how it is a wide view of Detroit. However, I don’t like the love story they’ve written between two cops, and they added on an FBI agent character who is not helpful or interesting. I suspect they added her on because the show is mainly a black and Latino cast, and the heads wanted another white character amongst the cops besides Michael Imperioli’s character.But besides that, it’s really a very good show, and I hope it doesn’t get cancelled soon.

Guys, this week has been awesome. My temp job is finally going permanent, I’m getting a haircut tomorrow, my roommate troubles are (mostly) solved, and the dude I’ve been harboring a thing for for weeks has been flirting like crazy. It almost doesn’t even feel like Valentine’s Day fallout.

How’s everyone else’s day been?

Does anyone have gardening advice for a novice? I recently moved into a new place that houses a huge vegetable garden in the backyard and I have never gardened in my life. I don’t wanna kill all this produce in waiting, but the thought of even going out there is exhausting. There’s a lotta raspberry bushes which I can handle, same with the grapes, blackberries, and a plum tree. But maintaining the salad herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, and all the rest seems overwhelming. The former tenant (who lived and gardened there for 12 years) might be coming by in a few weeks to transplant her lilac bush and give me some pointers but some practical help in case she doesn’t show would be lovely! What I’d really like is a book (or blog) that precisely outlines exactly what I should be doing in Spring, in Summer, in Fall, etc. Does such a thing even exist?

It depends where you live to determine the & how large the plants are. Tomatoes need cages or something for the vines to wrap around after they get a certain height. Most types of tomato problems like blight & worms can be fixed with a sprinkling of seven dust. Zucchini don’t take a whole lot of care, but they need room to vine out & don’t like to lay on soggy ground. The herbs & lettuce thrive until it gets too hot & then they die off naturally. You can save the seeds & replant in the fall. If you wanted to get wild, you could get the soil tested for type & ph. Then you would know what grows best. Oh what I wouldn’t give to be in a warm place right now. Lucky you!

Oh, it’s a simple thing- I’ve seen 2nd grade classes do basic (er, simple) Ph Tests as science lessons. :D

You pick up a Ph test at your local garden supplies store. here’s one of the cheaper ones:

Honestly, it is about as complex to take as a home pregnancy test.

If you want to use a meter instead ( ) here’s a how to on it: Ace hardware stores, if you have them near you, seem to carry these meters.

Of course, you can always ask a garden center/store employee about it!

Mega simple. and many seed packets will have information on them about what soil type (Neutral, Basic/alkaline, or Acidic) is best for the plants you are looking at, similar to the light requirements (Full sun, partial, or full shade) or the region requirements.

Here’s a link on the basics of soil:

Here’s a link to someone who knows a lot more about soil Acidity than I do:

Other potentially useful sites I came across:

I grew tomatoes last summer for the first time and that was my first gardening experience. Get cages – the tomato plants will get weird without them. Also, check regularly for tomato worms. I think there are pesticides that will kill them, bet we went organic, which meant I was in the garden twice a day deworming the tomato bushes (and they are some tenacious bastards).

Hi chickas. I really just wanted to say hello and tell those of you that went over and read the article on MSNBC thanks. It was a big day for me, and for the rest of us Persephoners as well. Always nice to get recognition! I hope they’ll post more of our great writers; the editor seems really interested in Persephone.

Anyway, I have a hell of a migraine and I’m going to bed early. Ta!

Your article was well-written and fascinating. Congratulations on being published on MSNBC! I really enjoyed reading it. Is it strange that I’m a little envious I can’t experience what you’re describing? I hope not. The way you mention reading The Great Gatsby makes it sound so rich and gorgeous.

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