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I’m old enough that I shouldn’t be in this situation, but anyway. Dating a great guy. Want to have sex all the time. The problem? He lives with his parents while finishing grad school. I still live with my ex until the lease is up (this isn’t as horrible as it sounds since we parted on good terms, but it’s still plenty awkward and obviously not a place I’ll be having sex. I can’t move before it’s up because I would be out a whole lot of money I can’t afford). Neither of our living situations will change until at least sometime this spring. I know a lot of people have sex in their car but . . . we don’t have cars. We live in a big city. What do we do? Have sex in the woods? If it wasn’t winter I might even consider it. We’ve managed to get by thus far but I would appreciate any advice.


Too Old For This

Oh man, that sucks.  Since it sounds like both of you are in situations where cash is a little tight, getting a hotel room is probably not an option.  You could put the word out that you’re available to house-sit and just do it there.  My boyfriend’s suggestion is that you have sex in the subway, but I can’t endorse that.

I hate to tell you, but I think you might have to just figure out when his parents or your ex aren’t going to be at home and try for it then.  Or work on being vewwy vewwy quiet.

You could also pretend that you are pledging chastity until you have your own place and it will just be that much more exciting when you are finally able to have sex again.

Fortunately, spring is just around the corner, I think you’ll make it!

Kind of a first world problem – but how do I tell my parents that I don’t want them to buy me anything from Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club anymore? I’m 22, underemployed, and my parents will occasionally buy me groceries or send me things. I’m trying to better align my purchases with my values, especially in regards to labor practices, and Wal-Mart is just terrible. My parents do have other options where they live to buy me these things, btw. But every Miss Manners column I’ve ever read says it’s rude to respond to a gift with anything other than a thank you card. Should I just take the stuff? (Use it? Give it away?) If I address it, how should I go about it?

I’m going to have to stick with Miss Manners and say that when you get a gift that you should always, always just say thank you and nothing else.  However, it’s understandable that you want to be more conscientious with the corporations you support.  You probably want your parents to think about the corporations they are supporting, too. I would suggest bringing it up at a time that is completely separate from any gifts they have given you.  Like, really make sure it’s been long enough that they probably won’t think you’re being ungrateful about their gift.  And then, don’t say that you don’t want them to buy you stuff from Wal-Mart, just mention your concerns about Wal-Mart’s labor practices and that you’re trying not to support them.  They should get the hint.  But if they don’t . . . eh, I doubt that they are giving you enough gifts that you’re single-handedly supporting Wal-Mart.  So just accept them and feel confident in the choices you are making when you spend your own money.

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Where I live, they have a nice park that’s secluded enough but not too scary that you can go there for a ‘romantic’ stroll. Do either one of you have a car? Because that’s always an alternative..might be a bit uncomfortable but it might be a nice temporary solution.

Too Old for This – I have so been there, in very similar circumstances, and would have lost it if it weren’t for our intimate knowledge of our city and where we could be outdoors alone for a while. Not sure if it’s too cold where you are, but I would seriously suggest crowdsourcing with your local friends to find some safe, out of the way places.

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