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Being Human Recap – Episode 1.03

Our voiceover this week is about immortality. The dream of living forever. What happens to the past when you’re living forever, though? The past is haunting the roommates this week. Aidan walks in the streets and sees glimpses of the men he used to be (one of those men was apparently Marten from Q.C.). Sally looks at the carving she and Danny made in one of the floorboards. Josh looks at a picture of his family. All of these things are gone… just memories to the roommates, but their presence still lingers. “It’s impossible to live forever – perfectly,” Aidan tells us from experience.

Josh comes home from work to find neighbors in the house… all of them. Aidan, trying to be “a part of things,” has organized a Neighborhood Watch. Josh is hesitant to be involved and when he sees Sally sitting alone, he goes over to discreetly talk to her. She’s waiting on Danny, hoping to carry on from the moment they had last time he was over. Eventually, he arrives, but after a few moments, heads straight back out. Back at the watch meeting, the neighboorhood discusses a tagger who’s been vandalizing buildings recently and then introduces Michael Garrity, a cop, to give some safety tips. As he addresses the crowd, he notices Aidan and not in a good way.

After the commercial it’s time for some vampire mythology setting thanks to Sally giving Aidan 20 questions in the bathroom. They brush their teeth, eat for appearances (not sustenance) and as for sun… they evolved to just photosensitive now. To divert the attention off himself, Aidan starts talking to Sally about why it is that she hasn’t moved on? Maybe she needs to move past Danny. Like, to someone just like her. Like, I dunno, the ghost that happens to be right behind her with a mullet and guyliner. Josh and Aidan have totally set her up on a blind date – Aww! She’s apprehensive at first, but when she realizes that ghosts can touch each other, the delight in holding someone’s hand again makes her open to the idea. Tony died in 1987 in the ER, which is apparently how Aidan knows him. He’s been a ghost all this time and has been hanging out with other ghosts, helping them get the lay of the land. He starts by teaching her how to move between rooms just by thinking and this is the happiest we’ve seen Sally since she originally introduced herself to the guys. Next step – outside! She’s ecstatic, but when Tony goes in for a kiss (and gets their matter tangled), she pushes him off. He’s not used to people turning him down and stomps off (as much as a ghost can stomp, at least). Sally confronts Josh for thinking that she was an “easy” ghost and reminds him that she’s an engaged woman.

Bishop visits Aidan at the hospital and works some voodoo on the cafe girl to get a free drink. Aidan calls what he did “compelling” and gee, I wonder if that’s going to come up again. Bishop’s come to warn Aidan because some cop did a search in the database for Aidan’s file. Guess who? Aidan says he’s handling it. He handles it by ditching neighborhood watch duty with Josh (who gets his walkie-talkie and pepper spray from obligatory militant girl) to go get a drink at the bar that Michael frequents. Michael’s uber-suspicious of Aidan and you can’t really blame him, especially when he produces a police sketch of someone who looks just like Aidan. Someone who killed his father when he was ten. Aidan tells him that’s impossible; he wasn’t even born then. Michael agrees that it sounds crazy, but he can’t seem to shake the crazy thought and follows Aidan into the bathroom. He asks Aidan who Celine is. You see, the man (who looks just like Aidan) who murdered Michael’s father had the name Celine tattooed on his chest. He wants a peek at Aidan’s chest (you and all the fangirls out there, buddy). Before he can try to undress Aidan, another guy walks in, giving Aidan the chance to escape.  Around the corner, Michael pulls Aidan into an alley, demanding to see his chest. Aidan growls at Michael to walk away and let that be all the closure he gets. They struggle and Michael shoves Aidan into a steel rod, seemingly killing him. Michael uses the opportunity to open his shirt and sees the proof he needs: Celine. Aidan wakes up, black eyed and screaming and Michael runs away.

[pullquote]He wants a peek at Aidan’s chest (you and all the fangirls out there, buddy).[/pullquote]

The next morning, Josh heads downstairs for work and gets stopped by Sally wanted the pages of a magazine turned for her (cute!). Tony appears and Josh tells him off in his sweet, passive aggressive way for being “Casper the handsy ghost.” Tony apoligizes (in kind of a douchy way) and explains that ghosts aren’t usually around very long before they start to go crazy. She’s worth hanging around though. Sally accepts the apology and he takes her to a new outdoor place: the graveyard where she’s buried. Sally muses about not liking the idea of taking up space in the ground before, but now she likes it – it’s a “place where people can find you.” Tony explains to Sally that when he helps ghosts, after he takes them to the graves, their closure usually happens and a door appears. No door is showing up for Sally yet.

A door opens elsewhere though, at Michael’s. Bishop’s checking up on him because he didn’t show up for work. Aidan told Bishop that he was going to use compelling to erase the memory of Michael’s father’s murder, but Bishop decided to do things a different way. He comes clean with Michael once Michael guesses that Aidan’s a vampire and reveals that he’s one, too. Bishop tries to recruit Michael, but he runs, only to find Marcus waiting at the gate. As Marcus goes in for the attack, Aidan comes to save Michael. Bishop calls Marcus off and leaves. Aidan pulls Michael inside and works the compelling magic on him, but something starts to go wrong.

Having received no closure at  her grave, Sally visits Danny, finding him at his old apartment. Tony explains to Sally that she can’t change things, she can’t go back, but as she lays in bed next to her fiance, she replys “It changes the way I feel.”  She asks if there was anyone that Tony cared for… any love of his life and he leaves angrily after reminding her that he didn’t get to live his full life. On neighborhood watch, Josh and his new friend Jessie are on patrol. Jessie’s excited because he just got a residency interview at the same hospital Josh works at. Josh isn’t as excited, partly because his supersmell is picking up on the scent of paint. He leads them down an alley and finds the tagger. As Jessie calls the cops, Josh pulls the tagger off the wall and begins choking him, only barely stopping before he chokes him to death. Scared, Josh runs home where Sally has returned, as well. In a really nice, tender moment, Josh admits that he doesn’t want Sally to leave and go haunt Danny’s, but he does want her to figure out why she’s not trying to move on. The monsters reveal to each other that they’re lonely.

On a walk the next morning, Josh tells Aidan that he’s not using the hospital to change anymore… the woods are definitely better, so that he doesn’t hurt people. Aidan stops at Michael’s and watches as he steps outside, gets the paper, and heads back in. It appears that he doesn’t remember what happened last night, which is great for Aidan. Sally visits her grave again and Tony reappears. After what she said, he decided to go visit Debbie – the only person he’d had a chance to love. “She’s happy! Great!” he says, sarcastically as a door appears. Sally walks up to it, but it’s not for her… it’s for Tony. Before he steps through, he lets her in on a new trick he discovered: he could touch a human… but only if they were open to it.  She goes back to Danny’s and tries, but just as she reaches him, the doorbell rings. It’s a girl, Bridget. The two sit on the couch (three, including Sally) and Bridget thanks Danny for calling, saying “I miss her, too.” At the hospital, Bishop gives Aidan an envelope, telling him that he was right… Aidan’s way was much more humane. When Aidan opens the envelope, he finds crime scene photos: Michael shot himself.

By Crystal Coleman

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