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Being Human Recap – Episode 1.04

Josh gets a werewolf friend, Aidan gets a Vamps Anonymous buddy and Sally gets jealous.

“Wouldn’t It Be Nice If We Were Human”

Starting off with a digression: As annoying as the Shazam commercials are (really? Having Shazam would make the life of a werewolf, vampire or ghost that much better? Who writes your segues?), I really love how much great music is providing the setting for Being Human. From the clever episode titles (last week was “Something to Watch Over Me,” which I forgot to note in the recap) to the songs used in the show, whoever their music supervisor is does an excellent job of picking out tunes that enhance without distracting. Syfy is updating a playlist from past episodes (although it seems to be missing a lot), so for those that like discovering new music, that’s something to keep an eye on.

Okay, back to the episode. Josh provides our voiceover this week, about what the true most endangered resource is: privacy. As he muses on the idea that no matter where you are, someone’s always watching, we see Aidan fixating on a shopgirl, watching her as she goes about her work; We see Sally, hovering over Danny and Bridget as they hang out; we see Josh searching around the woods, trying to find a place devoid of people to change. As the voiceover wraps up, Aidan walks away from the girl, Sally watches Danny and Bridget kiss and Josh finds a solitary place. He’s not alone, though… a creepy guy is watching him from off in the woods. The creepy guy, Josh finds out in the morning, is Ray and Ray thinks that Josh sucks at being a werewolf. How does he know? He’s a werewolf, too. Josh runs away from him, calling him delusional, but Ray contends that he just wants to help. Josh doesn’t want help, though… he just wants to protect the world from himself.

At the hospital, Josh is bringing a patient to a room when he’s accosted by a blonde nurse who chides him for doing another doctor’s dirty work. She has “no mercy for doe-eyed and sad looking.” Aww… doesn’t that just describe Josh in a nutshell? If Blonde Nurse gave us her name in this scene, I totally missed it, so for now, I’m going to call her Not-Nina (who I suspect is her UK series counterpart) until given another option. When Not-Nina goes away, Josh spots Aidan talking to Ray, who is totally stalking him. When Ray leaves, Josh explains to Aidan that he wants to keep his personal hell small and contained. Aidan clues him in to the fact that his anxiety about the wolf consumes him – it’s no small thing.

Aidan’s got a stalker of his own – Rebecca, who is now tired of Bishop’s crew and wants out. The rush of feeding is gone and she vacillates between wanting Aidan to end it for her and wanting him to help her, like he initially offered.He’s hesitant, but later that night, brings her a blood bag as methadone, since she hasn’t fed for days. She throws it aside and asks to drink from Aidan instead. Again hesitant, he conceeds, and gives in to his own hunger, feeding off her. Even though, in the next morning hangover, he insists “This can’t happen again,” he drives right back in for some more. Oh, Aidan.

Sally can’t stop thinking about Danny and Bridget and because of that, her thoughts keep bringing her back there. Bridget pretending to be the perfect girl who cooks and loves baseball pushes Sally over the edge and when she sees Danny go in for a cheek brush, she flings a glass off the breakfast bar. Bridget seems to be more sensitive to ghostly feelings and really feels like Sally is watching over them. So much so that she starts avoiding Danny altogether (and putting a really gorgeous bouquet of flowers on Sally’s grave). Meanwhile, Josh has decided to take Aidan’s advice and give Ray a chance. The two go into the woods for some wolfin’ lessons. Rule #1 from Ray: No one gets hurt. Rule #2: Don’t mess around with vampires. Oops, looks like Ray’s a speciesist! Ray gives Josh the basics on how he modern wolf changes: bring some clothes, wet wipes, water and a rump roast to hide for the wolf to find. They commiserate over the wolf’s strange eating habits (oh, poor Josh). They hit it off so well that Josh bring Ray back to the house, where he and Sally also get along like gangbusters. She’s elated at moving something and Ray starts motivationally coaching her in moving other things (strawberry, RARH!). Josh even suggests to Aidan (home briefly from his creepy love-den with Rebecca) that Ray crash at the house for a while. Aidan’s unsure, but doesn’t say no.

Ray’s next lesson in his crash course for Josh is to show him how women just lurve the wolf. He does this by hitting on a waitress in the most creepy way possible and somehow, she still gives him her number. You know, where’s the Stranger Danger-dar here? Ray also takes the opportunity to theorize why vampires hate werewolves; because the wolves are alive and vamps are dead. Josh reminds him: Aidan is different.

Not quite so different, though… his romps with Rebecca are bringing his bloodlust back. After an altercation with Ray (who has thrown his blood out for rump roast space), he suggests more than an little threateningly that Ray should leave after the full moon is over. Ray goads him, wondering if he’s scared of Josh finding out what Aidan’s really like. He leaves and he and Rebecca try to have a nice meal out, but the pumping pulses of all the diners are too much, so they dash and make out in the street and alley. Aidan just manages to keep Rebecca from ripping a poor busboy’s throat out. Later, Rebecca says she just can’t do it anymore; she just can’t deny the lust. She leaves. Oh, Aidan.

Josh tries a little of the wolf charm out himself on Not-Nina. He starts out okay, buying her coffee, but once he starts trying to use Ray’s lines, culminating in “We end up in sex,” Not-Nina understandably threatens to call HR on his sexual harassing ass if he talks to her again. That night, he’s hanging out with Ray again. Ray sees this as more than hanging out, though… it’s a scouting trip. He’s taken Josh to the vampire brothel seen in episode 1. He wants to come back when they’re wolfed out and hold a vampire massacre. He’s so excited, he starts pummeling on a blood-high vamp right then and there. Josh isn’t down with is, but Marcus comes out and he an another vampire start to jump the two wolves, so Josh starts beating on Marcus in self defense. At the house that night, Josh can’t believe he did that, but Ray insists the he saw joy in Josh’s face as he beat that vampire.

Sally starts to feel remorse for keeping Bridget and Danny apart and visits Bridget (in the shower, which is kind of strange… personal space, much, Sally?) to tell her that it’s okay. Bridget goes to Danny and explains that she felt this rush of calm and she feels like Sally just gave them her blessing. Danny goes to the house (first time since the block meeting, I think) and calls out for Sally. She chooses to say nothing, letting him go.

By Crystal Coleman

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Well, I’m still hanging in there. Catching several episodes of Being Human seasons 1 & 2 on BBC America this past week helped me realize what my main issue is with SyFy’s Being Human: it just doesn’t grab me. I can take it or leave it, perhaps because I feel I already know the characters and what’s coming story-wise, more or less. I think I’m sticking with it strictly out of curiosity – to see if the American version will ever divert from the path of the original.

That being said, I was glued to my tv for the premiere of BBC’s Being Human season 3 this past weekend. It was so good to have Mitchell, George, Annie, and Nina back…and although it seems like something terrible is coming, I’m happy for now, just to have them back.

Also – I have to say that I love that you continue to call her NotNina…I actually had to dig to find her character’s actual name. I haven’t been able to retain it, apparently, because every time I see her, I think “NotNina.”


Funny story — last summer I went to turn in our DVR (cost cutting measure) and was going to drop our service to basic (which sucks, but you know…cost cutting and all). When I lamented that I would miss BBCA the most, she gave me a deal on the extended package so we could keep it for a while.

And that’s the only nice thing the cable company has ever done for me.

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