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Being Human Recap: Episode 1.05

Sally finds out how she died, Josh finds out who made him a werewolf and Aidan finds out that Bishop’s making plans… and they’re not for a Valentine’s dinner.

“The End of the World as We Knew It”

Sally gets her turn at a voiceover this week about the “comforts and rituals that prepare the living for death.” We see Aidan and a priest giving those comforts and rituals to a middle aged patient, C. Sarin. After Mr. Sarin dies, he’s taken down to the morgue where the priest is waiting. Very thorough service. But Mr. Sarin isn’t staying dead. When he wakes, the priest explains how to feed, offering him a fresh victim.

At the house, Sally’s emotional distress is causing the house to creak and groan and even the pipes to back up. Ray chimes in that the pipes “¦ that might be him, he backed up the toilet. Aidan suggests again that it might be time for him to move on and then notices bruises on Josh’s knuckles. Ray talks about them getting to roll two “degenerates” last night, but stops short at revealing that they were vampires, which is more decent of him than I was expecting. When Josh leaves the house, Ray follows him wanting to know that they’re changing together tonight. Josh is hesitant. At work, a neck-wound victim comes in and his attacker is calling for a priest. Aidan recognizes the attacker as Mr. Sarin and wants to know who turned him, but Sarin makes a super-speed dash for it before he answers.

The priest enters an elevator and tries to ignore the sounds of all the living passengers hearts beating. As everyone gets out but him, we see that Aidan has been lurking in the back. Turns out that Father Gates has been here for two days. He was a real priest, dying of cancer and realized that there was no afterlife. A doctor approached him and offered him another option. To him, he’s still “saving souls — just in a different way.” Aidan questions how he reconciles that with his faith, and Father Gates points out that “Jesus himself rose from the dead.” Aidan lets him know that the hospital is off limits, but Father Gates’ orders are from higher up: Bishop brought him. Aidan goes to see Bishop, who informs him that they changed Mr. Sarin for his money. All the money for those cleanups after Aidan’s messes doesn’t grow on trees after all. But Bishop gives him some good news: they’re only turning the willing now, the influential and useful. They’ve got a plan, gain enough in numbers and power and vampires won’t have to hide anymore. And the priest: well, great monarchs always had holy men at their sides. “No one sells eternal life like a priest.” Aidan says that he’ll stop them, but Bishop points out that he’s weak and to prove it, promptly kicks his ass. For good measure, he also reveals that the degenerates that Josh rolled: vampires. “Muzzle your dog, Aidan … or we will.” Aidan tries to reason with Father Gates again, explaining to him that he’s only been a vampire for six years … Gates is still in the honeymoon phase. Aidan knows what it’s like later, when you’ve killed so many people that the faces become a blur. It’s horrible. Gates thinks it’s liberating. Aidan explains that he needs a place … a sanctuary where vampires are not. Gates offers to end it all for Aidan, since he’s clearly so unhappy. People were meant to be immortal, he explains, just like Adam and Eve before the fall. Aidan gets it now … Gates is unhinged. Aidan, looking a bit unhinged himself, begins stabbing Gates.

Danny comes to the house with a plumber and Bridget sees the spot where Sally fell. Sally’s still not comfortable seeing them together, but is as okay with it as possible. The plumber snakes all the drains and only finds hair … oh … and this diamond ring. Bridget recognizes it as Sally’s and Sally gets a flashback. She was in the bathroom and dropped the ring down the drain, after she took it off because it was loose. She asks Danny to help her get it back, but he’s not buying her “excuse.” He wants to know why she doesn’t appreciate it, what other times she takes the ring off. He freaks out and in his jealous rage, shoves her, accidentally pushing her down the stairs to her death. Back in current time, the drains unclog. Bridget wants to know why Sally’s ring was in the pipes, but Danny shrugs it off. When Aidan returns home (after Bishop’s beating), the house is shaking worse than ever. Sally is despondent and reveals to Aidan how she died. Pissed off, he wants to go over there and take care of it, but Sally pleads him not to. Instead, she heads over and poltergeists the place up real good.

Josh, in plain clothes, speaks with a patient, which raises NotNina’s suspicions. He’s just been talking to her about Costa Rica, assuring her that her son will be safe there. He offered to come visit her since she mentioned that she didn’t have visitors. NotNina takes the hard-ass approach and snarks that it’s better than cleaning up puke and urine. Josh snarks back that it is, but it’s his day off. Oh, SNAP! That night, at the cabin, Josh is dreading the change again, but Ray loves it and reveals that he has a plan, too. After this month’s change, he wants to go out and find more of them, more werewolves to build a pack. Josh points out that they’d only be more dangerous in larger numbers, but that’s exactly what Ray wants: to be invincible. Josh is still not okay with the way he lost control the night before and tells Ray that after this change, he needs to move on. Ray reacts badly to this and when Josh tries to leave (to change elsewhere), Ray blurts, “I’ve been looking for you for two years!” Josh is in disbelief, but soon realizes what Ray is saying. Ray wants him to be grateful for the gift he gave Josh, but Josh breaks down about everything he had to give up. Ray just wants in to Josh’s life… he had a wife and son … he lost everything, too. The men fight as they begin to transform. The next morning, Josh gives Ray his back, telling him to leave. Josh doesn’t blame him for the first time the met …the second time, though, “You should have left me alone.” Josh is sure that he will never, ever, do what Ray did to him, but Ray insists that someday Josh’ll know what it’s like and that he’ll come looking for Ray.

Father Gates goes to Bishop for help: Aidan removed his fangs, and unfortunately, those don’t grow back. Gates worries about how he’ll feed. Bishop insists, though, that “We’ll take care of you,” and is it just me or did you get the impression that “take care” was code for “put you out of your misery?” Danny and Bridget comes home to the trashed house, thinking they’ve been robbed. Debris is collected in a spiral that leads to …Sally’s ring. “How did that get there?” Bridget asks. Josh is at work and as he passes by NotNina, who is having her ear talked off on the phone, she half smiles at him and makes the “shoot my brains out” gesture.

At home, Aidan and Sally sit on the stoop in silence when Josh comes out and wants to know if they’re coming inside for dinner. After Sally reminds him that Josh is the only one that actually … you know … eats, Josh insists that they fake it.”We have to hang on to some rituals of normalcy.” Josh asks if Sally is okay (Aidan told him about Danny). She says there’s nothing more to say. Sally asks what happened to Ray and Josh says, “He’s gone.” He also ensures Aidan that the degenerate rolling is gone, too. A moment, later though, Josh breaks the tension by revealing the “fun tidbit” that Ray was the one who made him a werewolf. Sally asks if he’s okay this time, and he replies “I’m awesome. Who wouldn’t want to meet their weredad?” As Aidan passes the salad, the three monsters are normal … if only until next week.

By Crystal Coleman

Florida girl living on the west coast. During the day, I consult in social media and community management. I have a really cute puppy (Elphaba) and a British husband (I keep him for his accent) as well as an unhealthy relationship with parentheses.

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