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Being Human Recap: Episode 1.06

It”™s our first previously on! I feel like our show is becoming a woman… aw, let me wipe the tear away. In our first previously on, Josh pushed his sister away, Rebecca is a psycho and Danny killed Sally. You know what, Sally… I think it”™s kind of an ugly ring if that makes anything better. No? Right… moving on.

“It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Wrong”

It’s our first previously on! I feel like our show is becoming a woman … aw, let me wipe the tear away. In our first previously on, Josh pushed his sister away, Rebecca is a psycho and Danny killed Sally. You know what, Sally … I think it’s kind of an ugly ring, if that makes anything better. No? Right … moving on.

“What sets a human apart from a monster?” Aidan asks in this week’s voiceover as vampire lackey Marcus watches Josh from afar. Aidan mentions feafulness and we see Rebecca stripping in a hotel room in front of guy, who I’m guessing will never be named. “We obsess over every lost cause,” Aidan observes as Danny throws the ring in a river. Soon afterwards, Sally sees the ring fall down the stairs, just as she did. Sally is still rumbling the house. Aidan questions why she can touch the ring, but she doesn’t know how she’s doing it or why it’s here. “Maybe because it’s mine?” She wants to do something with it but Aidan wants her to drop it. He’s afraid that she’s going to do something to get revenge and then she’ll be stuck. Josh is bopping around, nervously getting ready for work looking nice. “Is it picture day at school?” Sally snarks. Josh checks the mail and Aidan’s got a package … a DVD with lipstick marks on it. It’s from Rebecca.

The DVD shows what we saw a moment ago, the guy coming in the room, Rebecca stripping. Josh and Sally won’t let him turn it off. Really, guys? You’re all that close that you’re going to watch Aidan’s girlfriend’s porn with him? That’s creepy, y’all. [pullquote]Really, guys? You’re all that close that you’re going to watch Aidan’s girlfriend’s porn with him? That’s creepy, y’all.[/pullquote]Also, editorializing a bit more, I don’t know if they got new writers or if the writers are starting to find their grooves, but this episode is highly quoteable. “Hi, boobs!” Sally remarks jokingly. The curiousity of the roommates quickly ends when Rebecca starts killing the guy, though. “She’s eating his face, she’s eating his face!” is all Josh can repeat as Aidan’s eyes go black before he’s able to turn the video off. Apparently, some vampires get off on those videos, but Aidan swears he’s totally not one of those and promises to get rid of it. As soon as Josh is out of the room, his cool demeanor breaks down again and he turns the video back on, rewinding it and pausing it on a particular frame of Rebecca.

At the hospital, Josh strikes up a conversation with NotNina, who’s name is apparently Nora. (And I’m really confused now, because I thought that the annoying girl who got killed in episode two was Nora … oh well.) He asks Nora how her day is and demonstrates his complete lack of skills at flirting. He drops a fun fact about liking to cook and suggests that since both of them have the next night off (and it’s creepy that you know that, Josh) that they should eat. “Well, I do need to eat …,” she replies as she walks off.  Aidan visits the Undertaker’s to see Rebecca. Marcus explains that the DVD was like “a video postcard: Wish you were here.” Aidan reminds Marcus what his place would be if Aidan were to come back: “You would be nothing all over again.” Back at the hospital, Josh consults Aidan on his conversation with Nora, but Aidan doesn’t think that Nora’s eating comment means a date. “It’s not dripping with enthusiasm, but it’s not a no,” Josh defends, but he doesn’t want to jinx it. More cute roommie talk is interrupted by Emily being back at the hospital, crying.  She didn’t know where else to go and Josh seems to forget his vow to push people away for a second, hugging her.

Turns out that Jackie and Emily broke up. Aidan is super sympathetic and when Emily needs a place to crash, Aidan tells Josh that he can’t say no to his sister.

At home, Sally is playing with ring when the doorbell chimes. Danny’s at the door and when he enters and turns a corner, Aidan’s there. Danny asks if he called about the sink and Aidan plays coy before punching Danny and telling him “Did you think you’d get away with killing our girl?” Sally wants him to make it hurt. Aidan lunges for the neck and we realize that it was just Sally daydreaming. Aidan and Josh are checking their mental list of things to clean up before Emily comes in, normal stuff, take the blood out of the fridge, hide the snuff porn. What to do about the ghost that’s in crisis and shaking the house … that’s a slightly bigger problem. Aidan blames it on the T-train when Emily questions it. Explaining the five rump roasts in the freezer, slightly harder. Aidan ramps up the awkward by asking “What do we, the people, like to eat?” Out on the stoop, Josh takes some time to reconnect with his sister. “I know I said some things … I apologize.” She takes the apology easily and then admits that she told their mom and dad that she saw him, whoops! Josh takes this surprisingly well (realizing, I guess, that it’s not like he can change what she did) and answers her earlier queries about his dating life by revealing that he asked a girl out and she maybe said yes. As Aidan calls them in to dinner, Josh spots Marcus staring at him from across the street.

The next morning, Emily mopes around the house and Sally works out her issues by projecting on Emily, noting how much she must want to hurt Jackie for what she did. Emily leaves the room because it grows too cold and Aidan suggests that the ring is having an ill affect on Sally. She knows, but she can’t get rid of it, every time she tries, it comes back. She needs to do something. She needs to haunt Danny. She disappears and the ring appears on Danny’s counter. When Bridget comes home, Danny is drunk and he accuses her of being the one that’s putting Sally’s ring all over the place. He grabs her arm roughly and we see that the real Danny is finally starting to come out with Bridget.

At the hospital Josh gets Nora’s coffee and jokes that he hopes it doesn’t count as their date. “You’d at least have to spring for a croissant to get in my pants,” she informs him and lets him know that she did assume they had date plans for that night. Dinner at his place, he tells her, writing his address on coffee cup. These two really are adorable together and it’s great seeing Josh actually smile, especially after what happened last week. At home, Aidan pops in Rebecca’s video again, freezing at the same place. Sally pops up because it feels creepy and lonely downstairs. She tells Aidan about leaving the ring at Danny’s and confides that it felt briefly satisfying to mess with Danny.  Aidan is still concerned that she’s messing with her karma. “I went through the 60’s, a few of them, I can talk about karma without irony.” Sally wants to know if he’s in love with Rebecca but he explains that he just feels responsible for her. I don’t buy it, either, Sally.

In the kitchen, Josh comes home with food fixings and flowers and tries to get a drunk Emily out of the house. When he reveals that it’s because of a date, she does a cute clap dance at the table. Oh, Emily, please never change. When the doorbell rings, Emily and Sally rush to answer door. Emily greets her with the offer of a vodka shot and Nora surprises Josh by taking her up on it. “You are gonna have the best night!” Sally gushes. Can Sally and Emily be my sisters? I kind of love them both, especially in this scene. Aidan eventually gets the two of of the apartment by taking Emily to a club (Sally comes along, too, but gets diverted along the way due to Aidan’s bad description). Emily heads off to find a redhead and Sally finds a ghost friend, Lindsay, which died of an aneurysm in 1991. She promises to help Sally figure out how to get back at Danny.

Back on the date night, Josh and Nora are enjoying creme brulee on the couch and Nora wants to know “Who has a kitchen torch other than Martha Stewart?” “Yeah, that’s what my finance said …” Josh replies without thinking. Other than being freaked out, like Josh is expecting, Nora wants to know what happened. Josh is his evasive vague self and she accurately states, “You answer questions like an escaped convict.” Later on, Nora helps Josh clean up in the kitchen and he explains how he and Aidan met. It was while Josh was in a fight, well … being pummeled. Nora goes in for a kiss. YAY!

Back at the club, Emily takes a sitting break with Aidan and spots a girl across the way. “That looks like a girl that forgot her underwear.” That girl is Rebecca, of course, and when she comes over to talk to Aidan, Emily makes herself scarce. She’s such a good wingman.  Rebecca reveals that Bishop keeps sending her after Aidan because they think she affects him. The truth is she keeps thinking about him, too. Aidan tells Rebecca that he could see that she was scared in that video. She is; she doesn’t want to go against Bishop. “You killed me, but he made me.” Aidan apologizes, “I should have just walked away and let you live your life,” but Rebecca responds that she “wasn’t living it that well,” as they kiss. Outside, Marcus follows Emily, who’s gone out for a smoke. Marcus offers her a light. Stranger Danger, Emily!

Back inside, Sally and Lindsey are bonding. Lindsey is still following the guy who went on without her. She reveals that she’s a poltergeist. She can make him see maggots on his hands, think odd things. She lives (pardon the term) for making him miserable. Sally asks her about her door and Lindsey knows nothing about a door. Sally’s realizes that maybe she isn’t the best role model and maybe Aidan has a point with all the karma stuff. At the house, Josh and Nora are taking it up a notch in the kitchen. He’s worried he’s going too fast, but Nora assures him “I’ve got a good right hook if I need it.” I mean, the girl did say she’d put out for a croissant and he made creme brulee; she’s a girl of her word. Breaking the moment, the doorbell rings. Josh finds Sally hiding at the door because she didn’t want to interrupt the heavy petting. Josh answers and it’s Bridget at the door, bringing the ring back. “I think this belongs here … Just put it somewhere, okay … I’m pretty sure it belongs here,” She insists and Sally sees the bruises on her arm.

Back at the club, Aidan and Rebecca are in a corner, still making out (they guys are getting a lot of action this episode!). Aidan insists that he needs to go and take Emily home. “Let the dogcatcher take her home,” Rebecca snarks, but Aidan says can’t get into it tonight with her. “Maybe they have a point,” Rebecca throws at him, meaning Bishop and the family, “… at least they stick together.” Aidan kisses her again and apologizes, then leaves.

At the house, Nora gets ready to go. Josh kisses her again but they’re interrupted by Emily coming in, coughing and bloody at the door. Nora suggests they take her to the hospital. Sally sinks, upset, onto the stairs. When Aidan comes home, he smells blood and runs to the hospital when Sally informs him that’s where they are. I’m thinking Marcus’s days are numbered, what about you?

I re-watched a couple episodes of the original series this weekend (BBC America marathon, yay!), and realized what was missing from the first handful of episodes of the US version. There’s a kind of self-deprecating, extremely dry sense of humor to the UK series that makes it really smart. While the US version doesn’t have the same sense (nor should it), I think that with this sixth episode, I’m really starting to see things come together. The actors have a chemistry now, the writing has a style and the humor is finding its footing. I’m really liking it. It’s different from the UK series, but that’s a good thing. Apparently, the US writers have seen only the first season of the UK series. I really hope for a second season, so we can see where they go from this one and how it diverges.

By Crystal Coleman

Florida girl living on the west coast. During the day, I consult in social media and community management. I have a really cute puppy (Elphaba) and a British husband (I keep him for his accent) as well as an unhealthy relationship with parentheses.

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I missed the first few minutes last night, but my husband yelled: “They aren’t going to do the pedo episode are they? Tell me they aren’t going to do the pedo episode! It won’t be funny if they can’t call them pedos, and they can’t, because people won’t get it.”

He is obviously distraught…

Yeah… I don’t think they could do the pedo storyline by any chance. Mr.kaywinnitlee is exactly right. There’s something ludicrous about the phrase pedo… I don’t know what it is, especially when said by chavvy Brits. Maybe it’s because those are the only people that say it. [shrug].

I’d still like to see the rest of the storyline (it breaks my heart when he tells his mom he’s hungry), just without the neighborhood accusing them of being pedos.

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