Cheap Weekend Fun: Out and About

TGIF Persephoneers! Do you have plans this weekend? Is your spirit willing but your  wallet weak? Fear not, for we have some amusing ways to pass the time without passing over too many dollar bills.

1) Play tourist in your own town — just about every city has a historical building or marker or two. Go scout them out and sponsor your own field trip. That war memorial you were forced to visit in the fifth grade is much more interesting as an adult, I promise.

2) Check out bookstore and library programs. Many offer book readings, music performances, and other enriching activities. They are typically free, and you’ll feel smarter when the event is over.

3) Search for “free things to do in “¦” on your favorite Internet browser and see what comes up. Many cities have multiple websites which feature city happenings, some even feature free events.

4) Go where the deals are. A few weeks ago my family scored a Groupon for pizza and arcade games. For $15 we had about 3 hours worth of fun. Subscribe to a few social deal sites and you’ll never know how your dance card may fill up on any given weekend.

What do you like to do when your wallet is light but you’re ready to go out on the town?



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I’m all about coupons. Many of the restaurants around us send out coupons and there’s also a seasonal booklet with coupons for various restaurants and stores in the area (I live near an urban university). If we time it right, we can use a coupon to save money on dinner at one of our favorite Indian restaurants and can either get a BOGO deal on movie tickets or go on Tuesdays when it’s the matinee rate all day.

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