First Couple showcased in unfunny, offensive “comic” strip on Breitbart’s website

This charming “comic” strip appeared over the weekend on The site is run by Andrew Breitbart, who you might remember as the guy who got Shirley Sherrod fired after doctoring a recording of her at an NAACP event. (Incidentally, she’s totally suing him for that.)

Anyways, surprise surprise, Tea Party darling Breitbart runs a bunch of ignorant, pseudo-scary “oogidy-boogidy-boo”-type websites, including and (which I won’t even dignify with a link). He’s even got his own crack comedy duo, Jame Hudnall and Batton Lash, who are responsible for this abomination of a comic strip.

I mean, for starters, it’s titled “Listen to Your Betters.” Thanks for that, patriarchy. Women should defer to their husbands. Got it.

The Right has a storied background of racism and sexism against Michelle Obama (remember when FOX News called her “Obama’s Baby Mama”?). Now that she’s threatened their access to greasy junk food, all hell has broken loose. I don’t even understand what they’re getting at in this comic. Michelle is eating a giant pile of burgers while talking about how Americans should eat less. I guess since conservatives consider Michelle Obama a total chubster, she’s a hypocrite for trying to make us healthier. (Or as Media Matters put it: “So they’re just calling Michelle Obama fat now.”)

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being fat. I am in full support of the Health At Every Size movement (HAES/Fat Acceptance). But the thing is, Michelle Obama isn’t fat. Here she is on Swedish TV earlier this week (photo via):

First Lady Michelle Obama

None of this makes sense. If you’re going to make the already poor decision to hurl “fat” as an insult, why pick someone who isn’t? Mrs. Obama is trim, and her toned arms have inspired admiration ever since she first dared to bare them at public events (and even her stunning official White House portrait).

Besides, no matter what her weight is, her opinions on kids eating better and exercising are valid and important, if safely non-controversial. The First Lady has always picked a pet cause. For god’s sake, Laura Bush’s was education, and her husband could barely read.

I guess Michelle Obama is just another easy target for conservatives. She’s a well-educated and powerful Black woman ““ I can see why they’re scared. She wants their children to get fresh air and eat more veggies. Grab your pitchforks, patriots! Protect the Real America!

Finally: don’t most conservatives believe Obama is Muslim? Why would Michelle offer her devout husband BACON? God, this cartoon is just wrong in every possible way.

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Jess, the mastermind behind STFU Conservatives, is a bike-riding hippie liberal who lives in West Hollywood. Her favorite political issues are abortion, marijuana, health care, and class issues. Her favorite apolitical topics of conversation include small dogs, Diet Coke, and extensive TV viewing.

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Wow, that’s all they could come up with to make fun of Michelle? Hey…. You’re FAT! Even fourth-graders can do better than that.

I expected there would be hostility towards the Obamas when they took office, but it’s really reached a level that is just embarrassing to the country.

You’re assuming that people who profit off lowest common denominator “humor” ever apply logic to their pandering.

I have been kind of impressed by all the places Michelle Obama has shown up to promote healthy eating. I watch a lot of cartoons with my daughter and she’s been on a few spots on the Disney channel and I seem to remember a Sesame Street commercial. I respect a first lady who will talk to Elmo to get her message across.

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