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Getting Better With Age (I Think)

Everyone cringes when they see the fashions of their childhood and teen years, right? I *think* it’s a universal thing, but then I realize I am looking at this through the lens of my Generation X self.

seventies fashion
from Wikipedia, photo by Jeanne Boleyn

Born in 1973, I don’t know who thought that bell bottoms, pant suits, and small, monochromatic plaid was good for anyone, but it was all the rage throughout my childhood. Raised by parents who wore plaid pants (my dad even had a plaid suit), huge butterfly collars and tweed, how was anyone born in the 70’s supposed to develop a sense of fashion?

In the 1980s, things happened that defy explanation. Again, with adults dressing the way the did, what did the up and coming Gen Xer have to go on? You may laugh at Drew and Corey in this photo, but check out the grown up behind them in the gold & black get up. Drew Barrymore escorted by Corey Feldman

By the 1990s, we were starting to feel the pull toward calmer fashion. I remember the colors navy blue, hunter green and maroon being huge when I was in college — if you decorated in those colors ( I had a bedspread) andĀ  wore those colors ( I had a jacket that incorporated all three), well then, you certainly wouldn’t look as foolish as your parent did in the 1970s, right? RIGHT? And flannel shirts had worked for lumberjacks for centuries. So clearly they’d be as timeless on your typical American teen in the 1990s. RIGHT? And those Army boots have always worked for people in well, the Army, so surely they’ll stand the test of time, right? And if they’re maroon, well, that’s all the better…..

So now here we are, all grown up in this new century. We’ve been grown ups now for more than a decade, and now we’re the ones dressingĀ  ourselves and the children of this next generation. What could possibly go wrong?? (And whatever does go wrong? I’m blaming the fact that I wore plaid as an infant as a root cause for any and all fashion blunders.) I created this stunning Polyvore tribute to pink with my five year old….isn’t it grand?

Pinky PInk

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Oh thanks for sharing, everyone. I really wasn’t picking on the Docs, honest. I wore them too! Someday, I may show off my 80s hotness — pink cords, with an aqua vest with multi-colored triangles.

Shortly there after I starting living in my Cure tshirt from their 1989 tour. I didn’t stop wearing it til, ooh, 1995. :)

I had no choice but to pull out my docs this week, considering the layer of snow over ice over more snow. Yes, they are maroon.

Aside from the doc martens, and despite spending my college years during the apex of grunge fashion, I never did the flannel, torn jeans look. Living in the Midwest, I’ve seen that look my whole life. Most of my wardrobe was color blocked and/or shiny and tight.

I owned a pair of purple linen overall shorts when I was in 3rd grade. I was so bummed when I hit a growth spurt shortly after I got them and couldn’t fit into them anymore, but in hindsight I am very glad that there was no time for anyone to get photographic evidence.

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