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Open Thread: Good Evening Persephoneers!

It’s seven o’clock here at the Persephone offices, which means we’re done filling up the page for the day, and now it’s your turn.   Enjoy this thread all weekend, but keep in mind it may take us just a little bit longer than normal to approve the newbies while we attend to our pesky real lives.

Don’t forget, Monday is the big schedule change.  Luci will start us off with a Daily Goodie and a morning open thread, then we’ll be posting stories from noon until 10:00 PM EST.   The 10p slot will be an open thread unless we’re doing something special.

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As a special favor for Friday, if anyone emails me a .gif between now and 10p EST, I’ll make a .gif party gallery and edit it into the post. Include your name here so I can tell people where it came from.  This is not solely a ploy to get more .gifs, but it is a nice benefit.  (opheliapayne @

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So, the one “active” lover of mine went into in-active mode, as he is looking to start seeing this chick who is prolly mono-amorous… She lives closer to him, and since I live 4 hours away, it is a better solution for him. I mean, if things don’t work out with them I can have him back, but still a bummer… :-/


PS: on the upside, I can spend more time on ladies now? I prefer ladies, but I always seem to end up with straight-ish guys as lovers. OH being a queer poly chick in rural america!

Best part of the night?
Getting to hold a 19 day old baby for almost an hour. I got to hold a sleeping, soft, sweet little boy and mama and dad got to eat and have some adult conversation with myself and Wash.

The rest of the day/night? Wash had some memory and function issues so it stressed us both out.

Planning on walking through some Desert Gardens for the day tomorrow. Hopefully it will be better.

…. and yes, I left the baby at his home. Cute as he was…

It was totally fine, actually. I really hate smoking and am trying to save up for a vaporizer or something but can’t really justify the cost to myself since I’m an occasional smoker. My roomie and I used an apple, the tube from a pen, and some tinfoil as a screen and bowl, and it worked. I wouldn’t use, like, really good weed in it since I think a lot got lost to the air but we were just looking for some Sunday fun, and it worked well. We got loopy for a bit. And then hungry, haha.

I’ve been getting back into photography lately, and now I’m remembering why I had a sort of hiatus a few years ago.

Photography comes with SO MUCH gear and gadgets. And I want all the things. And they are all so expensive. WHY?

(Santa, if you’re there? I’d like a 7D camera for Easter. DON’T TELL ME IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY, SANTA.)

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