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Goodbye, Monday

We’re out for tonight, but feel free to hang out in the comments and in the forums (the link is right over there to your right.)  Keep your suggestions for Middlemarch Madness coming, Bee and Sara B. are working on a post for Wednesday afternoon that will list all the potential heroines broken down by genre. 

In the spirit of the competition, I’ve just started reading Hunger Games on Meghan’s enthusiastic recommendation and I love it!  I can see tearing through the whole series.  Have a great night, everyone, we’ll see you at 9 tomorrow morning!

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I’m headed to bed after a cup of cocoa and an episode of Roseanne, but Sally J and Hattie are both early birds and should be around to approve anyone new overnight.
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See you all in the morning!

Alright I’m giving this Tumblr thing a try. I’m now at

I kind of feel like I am to Tumblr as my 61 year old Dad is to Facebook. I’m like bumbling around trying to figure it out. How to I “reblog” things and/or respond to people’s Posts? I guess I’m specifically referring to STFU Jezzies. Can’t figure out how to respond to posts.

I’m just checking back here after being over at the uh, ‘other site’, and you know what? It thrills (thrills!) me that this place is picking up steam (in terms of commenters commenting). The books (Middlemarch Madness is genius!)! The thoughtful and thought provoking articles! The Buffy/Firefly recaps! The thinking and talking about things that are not Kardashian, Palin or Lohan related! Huzzah!

How’s that for exclamation points?!

I just came over here from Jez, though I’ve chosen a new identity. I’m really excited for this to be my new lady blog. I’ve even replaced my Jezebel bookmark with a Persephone one!

Insightful articles AND usability, I think I’ll be able to get used to this.

I’ve read Hunger Games and have been waiting for the rest of the series to come out in paperback to read. I’m a little OCD in that I like for all of my series to be in the same sort of cover treatment. I tore through that book super fast. Grant it , it helped that I got stranded at work after our helicopter had to make an emergency landing due to weather and I had a couple of hours to kills before a car arrived. I can’t wait to read the next two.

P.S I am also finishing the Girl with Dragon Tattoo series (just finished the second book!). Still waiting for the third book to be in paperback too

Well…it is somewhat depressing. I didn’t find myself feeling really glum after reading it like I have some other books, but it’s not what I would describe as uplifting. It’s one of those books that is worth it, or was worth it for me – it’s really great and very clever, and there are definitely moments that make you want to cheer.

Funny you should mention it, I literally just finished it about fifteen minutes ago and opened up the laptop to update my list. (I keep a list of all the books I’ve read in a year.)

I found it nightmare inducing in a not-out-of-the-realm-of-what-could-happen-if-Palinists-have-their-way kind of way. It’s creepy but not depressing, if that makes any sense. Certainly not the same kind of depressing ending as 1984 or The Road.

I had the somewhat surreal experience of reading The Handmaid’s Tale about a month before Sarah Palin was tapped as McCain’s would-have-been VP. If I had been on Tumblr at the time, I would have been posting about the similarities between her and Serena Joy.

In spite of the above, I don’t know that I’d call The Handmaid’s Tale “depressing.” Like @selena says, it’s dystopic, and with that comes a certain amount of emotional thrashing (same goes for The Hunger Games), but there’s definitely wiggle room to find some hope.

In short, I loved it.

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