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Grammy Awards: Red Carpet and Show Live Blog with La Belle Amelie!

Hey guys, it’s that time of the year again, when we get to relax and watch the Grammys! Yay! So pull up your couch, get this party started, and hope there aren’t anymore disastrous performances like Taylor Swift’s cover of “Rhiannon”! Snacks are sure to be at hand and keep the wine bottle near. It is gonna get crazy!

OK, Guys! Let’s get started! I am blogging from Central time, so bear with me and my wonky times you East Coast and West Coast people!

5:00- Ok so Lady Gaga is coming in an egg. Ryan Seacrest can’t hide that from me! Fool!

5:02- Are the attendants wearing latex? I am confused, latex doesn’t move like that, so I am not sure what the fabric is, but this is all over strange. I don’t even understand.

5:04- Interview, interview, Ryan you mega millionare you… I don’t want to see these interviews, I just want to see the clothes. Please, lets get on that!

5:05- Ciara’s dress, interesting cut outs. But the color! Ohhhh the color! I love the color. Gah! Matthew Morrison! That is my brain’s reaction to him.

5:07- Way to go Ryan, pass off the torch to Giuliana. She is the better of the interviewers, she is utterly ridiculous.

5:08- Florence- love that woman, love her music, Lungs was the best album ever. I wish they would play more than the Dog Days, since everything is good on that album.

5:09- I am pretty sure Giuliana, that she doesn’t care about the Biebs.

5:10- I don’t like the Glam Cam, it makes me think my satellite isn’t working.

5:13- Lenny Kravitz, love his hair that way. Also, that man still makes me all tingly inside, too attractive.

5:17- Kathy Griffin! I am trying to suppress the urge to scream in jubilation. I love this woman. More than anything else. I am so sad Life on the D-List isn’t coming back!

5:19- Didn’t know David Guetta looked like that! Hello! Now I know what you look like!

5:20 Niki Minaj! Girrl that outfit, I am not sure how I feel. I her and her music, but this, this I don’t understand.

5:22- Ok I am trying to figure out why you can’t comment. It is set for you to comment, but I am not sure what is going on. Give me a sec guys!

5:29- I am trying guys! I am trying to get you the ability to comment, but I don’t know why it isn’t working. I have it set. I am waiting for Ophelia or another admin to help me. But I will continue the blog.

5:31- What?!  Womb? Latex gowns? Latex gowns. Girl and models must be uncomfortable. Trust me, so annoying to keep that stuff lubricated.

5:32- What is with all that weird “dilating” usage?! So weird, I don’t even…

5:39- LL Cool J, that man is still perfect looking. Unfortunately I can’t stand NCIS Los Angeles.

5:40- Omg! the dresses, I like seeing the dresses. Ryan! Stop the interviews unless they are as entertaining as Gaga in an egg!

5:42- Honestly Giuliana, I don’t care about your clothes. I want the artist’s clothes!

5:47- Back to Gaga’s egg. I would be bored as all hell in that thing. I hope she gets some good napping done in it. That is all I would be doing. Do you think they put a nook/kindle/ipad or something in there for her?

5:48- Selena Gomez! Adorbs! But please, lets not talk about the Biebs movie. I am still bothered by that.

5:49- When did Drake grow up and leave Degrassi! It seems like it wasn’t that long ago!

5:51- Adam Levine. MMMMMMMMMMM

5:56- Ok so the comments are set on, but for some reason they aren’t working. I am truly trying to figure out why they aren’t working, but it is a bit slow.

6:00- I once got in a fight with my mom over Donny Wahlberg. No joke. That is all that I have on that. Also I loved the NKTOB.

6:05- Kim K! Ok you might as well know now. I love love love her. Also her family. But I love her since I occasionally get told I look like her, also since her family is like mine. Love each other, but utterly insane.

6:11- Ok, Diana Agron and Amber Riley! Love! Love! Love!

6:13- Comments fixed!!!!!!!

6:15- Wait did I just see Anthony Hopkins?! What?

6:16- OMG This is totally “I want a famous face: Naya Rivera Edition.” Gorgeous dress and hair!

6:19- I worry I am updating too much right now, let me know if this is bugging you all! I am also trying to make myself dinner at the same time. I am running around like mad!

6:20- Thanks to tumblr frayns, I see Darren Criss is there. WHY ISN’T HE ON THE TV! I WANT TO SEE HIM WALK AND TALK AND BE HANDSOME!

6:24- Willow Smith! Girl is fierce. I want my future child to be like her!

6:25- Ugh Miley . . .

6:26, Ignoring Miley, where is Josh Groban? I need that man in my life. I think his last tweet was from the Bahamas . . . I need to be sure on that.

6:31- No matter what anyone says, I love Nicole Kidman. End story.

6:32- Enter Diddy, where Ryan tries to be cool near him. Fail Ryan, fail.

6:33- What Katy? What is with those wings, I don’t understand?! What is the reason for this nonsense? Ok, just put those things to use and fly away!

6:36- Note to Justin Bieber, the white suit is only OK at confirmations, religious ceremonies, and 80s weddings. Beyond that, I don’t want to see them.

6:44- How many times do I have to see Justin Bieber?! I don’t understand! Now Diana Agron, different story. Keep her on the screen.

6:46- “Look at her bracelets, not too much.” Subtle jab at Miley? Maybe? I think I am making it up. I do stuff like that.

6:47- Personal update: my dinner is finished! Yay! Grilled chicken and brown rice/red quinoa/garlic on the side. Yum! Pulling out the wine too.

6:51- Jamie Foxx and entourage? What?

6:51- Lea Michele, what is with those dresses that show the pulled apart boobs?

6:55- Heidi Klum and Seal! I love them! I want to be adopted by them! They are just so perfect!

6:55- I want a gif of Heidi saying “Nekkid.” Someone make that happen.

7:00- Onto the actual awards! Yay!

7:00- Are we opening with Aretha?! What?! Yess! This might be the best opening ever!

7:02- Well that stinks. Hummm Christina… Yes Jennifer! Yes Florence!

7:04- I love Christina, I do, but she is starting with her voice acrobatics and I am a tad over it. Girl you are great, but it isn’t adding anything. Nothing at all.

7:07- Thanks Christina, now everyone is doing voice acrobatics. I thank you so much for that.

7:09- With songs like these, I like it when people stick to the original format. I don’t like variations on it. So thank you Jen Hudson!

7:12- I am bored with this. Is this Medley going on forever?

7:12- Got my wish! Also was that ending a moment for them all to outdo each other?

7:14- Good that Gaga is coming soon. That egg must be seriously uncomfortable.

7:20- Best Pop Performance for a duo or group…….goes to…….

7:21- Train! I kinda wasn’t expecting that, but this has been the year that Soul Sister has entered my brian, only to never leave since it was that addicting. Ha! Bieber…..

7:22- Yes! Ricky presenting Gaga!

7:23- The egg!!!!!!

7:25- God, she can dance it out while singing. I do love her live singing. Girl has got skills. I don’t like that shade of latex since it shows everything if you aren’t covered properly. I do assume that does with the while “birth” and “dilating” thing.

7:28- That was a great performance, that is why I love Gaga. I still call on the fact that the egg on the red carpet was weird.

7:33- Who is this guy again? I am so confused.

7:34- Miranda Lambert, I do like her, but I am unfamiliar with most of her music. Sorry!

7:38- Lenny! Just stay there Lenny! Ahhhhhhh WAIT HE IS INTRODUCING MUSE!!! MUSE! MUSE! MUSE! I SAW THEM WITH U2! BEST SHOW EVER!

7:39- Omg, sparkily jackets and a double guitar! I am in fan girl heaven right now. Seriously. I can’t handle my emotions right now!

7:43- God I love Muse, I am totally whipping my hair back and forth.

7:49- Ok Bruno Mars, BOB, and Janelle Malone…. Bruno, I am over this song. OVER IT! STOP!

7:50- OMG! BOB WITH A MONOCLE! YESSSS! People need to wear those more often. Team Monocle!

7:52- What is the point of switching to Black and White? It isn’t like the people there are seeing it in B/W. I see no point in doing that on TV.

7:53- Ugh Grenade. When I am trowing a Grenade at someone there is a reason for it. So please stop jumping in front of them Bruno!!! Also why are your eyes open when you are kissing her?! You can’t tell that if yours are closed, that means yours are open! Fail.

7:55- I love Janelle. I have only seen her perform like twice on tv, but I love it every time.

7:56- CROWD SURFING FOR THE WIN! All other performances are now invalid.

7:57- Zach Brown…. reminds me of college. le sigh.

7:58- Country Vocal performance……

7:59- Who is it!? Who!? Yes! Miranda! That is a beautiful song.

8:02- Hopefully you all are enjoying this. To all the new people joining us, Welcome!

8:05- What?! Eva, no. Not allowed. Not on my screen. I don’t appreciate this, and her dress is ugly.

8:05- Ok not terribly ugly. I just don’t like her.

8:06- What is with this Bieber! He can sing, but seriously?! It isn’t like he is getting a life time achievement award! This is too dramatic!

8:07- A what?! Drummers? What?!

8:08- Is it just me or does this setup look like the same one from Adam Lambert’s performance last year? It sure looks like it.

8:09- Jayden Smith! Yesss! This performance just became awesome. Power to the Smith offspring.

8:10- Will and Jada! Such a cute parent moment! Look! She looks like she is going to cry! Gah! Love!

8:10- Usher! Be still my heart!

8:11- Too many strobe lights, and why are all the dancers wearing the blue lab coats from Bones? Don’t understand.

8:13- Pauley! My love for NCIS has gotten bigger. Please let the award got to Muse!!!!

8:14- MUSE!!!!! Fan girling out! Fan girling out! Dancing! Moment! Yesss!

8:15- NOT looking forward to Gwyneth….. not at all.

8:21- Best face at that Bieber comment! Selena for the win!

8:21- FAME MONSTER! It is so good! She totally deserved that one! Thanks for bleeping that out CBS! Boo!

8:23- Well that was nice, I hope Whitney like that!

8:24- HA HA! COMMA….. I am easily amused.

8:25- For a moment that guy looked like Nathan Fillion from Firefly, and I freaked out. Now who are these guys? Did they say who it was? I didn’t hear anything. Bad Grammy’s!

8:27- Mumford and Sons. I now know. I do like them. They sound really good. I think I have heard them before, they sound familiar.

8:28- Wow, did  a guy just really run on with a mic?

8:30- God Bob Dylan! I love that man, even when I can’t understand what he is saying.

8:40- I am not a fan of the red lipstick on Lea Michele. It doesn’t looks right…

8:40- Lady Antebellum- this is sounding so beautiful!

8:42- Ok I love this song by Lady Antebellum, but they performed it last year, I don’t think it needs to be performed again. Am I the only one who thinks this? Please tell me I am not the only one.

8:44- Best Country Album!

8:45- Yay! Lady Antebellum! Also what was with that obnoxious Miley laugh in the back ground!?

8:46- Ugh Jamie! You aren’t funny pretending to fake curse! Not funny! Even thought that is the song that is being presented!

8:47- Cee-lo! Yay! This song is soo good. I have wonderful NYE drunk dancing memories that go with sing. The original version. Is it just me or did Fraggle Rock move to Vegas? That is what is going through my head.

8:49- Thanks Gwyneth, for not going full force with the theme. I am not impressed.

8:54- I loved the muppets. They made my night, if only I could get fraggle rock on dvd…..

8:57- NPH!!!! CAN I KEEP HIM!

8:57- Sorry, I can’t listen to Katy. I know this is gonna get bad. I just know it. But I want her sparkily tights.

9:00- Is it wrong that all the hearts and stuff are there? Like seriously!

*Note this is the best version of that song.

Glee- Teenage Dream

9:02- I am liking this! I want to listen to more of this guys! Also like you all were saying, what is with John Mayer looking like Johnny Depp?

9:04- Song of the Year!

9:05- “Need You Now”. I do like that song, all I do have to say is thank goodness it isn’t go to “Love the way you lie”

9:09- Thanks to people on tumblr for this! I this may be my new go to photo. There were other ones that I loved, but my mom knows that I write here, so I don’t want her to get mad at me for using something with an expletive in it. She has my number, I would be harassed. Thanks more importantly to Bee! She is the best!

9:12- Yes! Miley Pot Jokes!

9:13- Please don’t start “Love the way you lie”!

9:13- Well I could dream. Moving on, I love love love her dress!

9:18- Ok Eminem is too much for me. He just seems so soo sooo angry. Also like mentioned in the comments, what is with all the mashups?! I don’t understand the point of this. Is it just to have the most performers perform? Where are the Guinness people? Are they hiding somewhere? Is this for a world record?

9:20- Best New Artist! Yay!

9:21- Wow Esperanza Spalding. Congrats to her! I have only heard one song by her and it was amazing. I didn’t know she had gotten that much play. Yay for her!

9:26- OMG! CLAYMATION EMINEM! I am scared…..

9:29- I love the students playing! This is so great! I love that they are totally trying to promote the arts! Yay for saving music programs. Honestly I don’t know what I would have done in school if I didn’t have music classes.

9:31- The scripted banter is really really entertaining between Matt Morrison and the Grammy Guy.

9:35- F-YEA! Mick Jagger! That was the best!

9:37- Cyndi Lauper’s face was amazing. Also I do think it is interesting that they put Mick Jagger after the montage of the industry deaths. Tumblr you are right, it is like tempting fate.

9:38- Award goes to the best guitarist of all time! OF ALL TIME!

9:46- BABS! I love Babs! My broadway geek is going insane.

9:47- What is with that dress though… I want her long black sheath dresses that she usually wears!


9:51- Kanye- please don’t get a large head.

9:52- Best Rap Album!

9:52- Eminem….

9:59- Ok so I didn’t like this song, but so far it sounds amazing.

10:00- Ummmm the vajazzling on Rihanna’s bottoms….. I sure that is just not right.

10:02- How did that song translate to the tribal theme? I don’t understand.

10:02- JLo!

10:03- Ok weird scripted banter between married people.

10:03- Record of the Year

10:04- Need You Now! Congrats again to Lady Antebellum! This is apparently their year!

10:11- Jason Segel! Love that guy, he is super tall in person. Met him at SXSW a million years ago. So funny!

10:12- MOTHER OF ALL THAT IS HOLY! I love you Arcade Fire, but no need to give me a seizure with the lights!

Also! Best photo! Thanks again to tumblr frayns!

Yes she does have horns and pointy shoulders. However, she is hanging out with Willow!

10:22- Album of the Year! (FAME MONSTER!!! FAME MONSTER! PLEASE!)

10:23- Ummmm ok, I own that album. But it so doesn’t beat Gaga! It doesn’t! Not at all! I am upset! Extremely upset!!!!

10:24- Ok so Arcade Fire gets ready for another song, and I am ready to peace out.

And so ends this live blog! It has been lovely hanging out with you all. It has been a good night! I love you all. Thanks for putting up with me and my lame observations. I promise the next time I am asked to do a live blog (which may be a while) that it will be a million times more entertaining. Thanks for making my first live blog fun!

I leave you all with this. Keep it classy!


La Belle Amelie

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