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I’ll Open YOUR Threads!

Haha, I love innuendo that isn’t actually innuendo. Anyway, it’s your favorite time of day! No, not elevenses…open thread time. To get you in the mood I thought I’d post some handsome pictures of our new Man of Steel, Henry Cavill. Because WHY NOT. And one thing I learned while scouring the internet for pictures of him is that he doesn’t really smile. So instead, I give you the Many Faces of Henry Cavill.

Actor Henry Cavill
The Blue Steel Cavill
Actor Henry Cavill
The "Hey, I Didn't See You There" Cavill
Actor Henry Cavill
The Possibly Hungover Cavill
Actor Henry Cavill
The "We Are Not Amused" Tudors Cavill
Actor Henry Cavill
The Slightly Alarmed Cavill
Actor Henry Cavill
The "Adorable Half-Smile" Cavill

Don’t forget that this here open thread will hold you over until lunchtime tomorrow. So have fun, be safe, and I don’t care what you kids do with the place as long as it’s spotless when we get back.

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I am proud of myself. I was doing some work and feeling really tired, and instead of giving in and napping I did some yoga. It has been months and months since I did yoga; I was going really regularly and loving it and everything, and then I traveled for six weeks last summer and did it a few times when I got back but never established a new routine. For the past few months it’s always been, oh I can’t give up an hour of work time right now, but I inevitably end up spending the same amount or more time doing unproductive crap/napping, whereas at least yoga is actually good for my body and gives me more energy. So I’m very glad to have done it again and even though I am super tight and weak, and sad to see all my progress before virtually gone, it felt amazing.

Okay, I got one article done. I should just press onto the next, but my pain is bad today. I know that I can’t use that as an excuse, but I really want to. Unfortunately, I used it as an excuse yesterday, which means I’m behind on my work.

Monday, you little stinker. Monday, you get MRI’d, and we find out if you’re a pinched or damaged nerve or whatever, and then? Then we stick you with nerve-blocker. Just keep pushing me until then. You’ll see.

Good morning, GMTers. HEY did you guys see that P. Obama decided not to defend that Defense of Marriage Act, anymore? Major breakthrough since for two years his lawyers flailed in court trying to put up some kind of case for why gay people weren’t the same as straight people because, the administration said, it was required to do so. This is another big step forward.

Ok, I’m going to rant here, so excuse the TL;DR.
Jesus Christ Almighty. I have just learned that a really close family friend, who recently broke up with his partner of 17 years and mother of his two children, has a new girlfriend. This is not inherently terrible news, though it’s sad for me because they were like my favorite couple in the world when they were together. But everyone had been led to believe that the split was pretty amicable, and they seemed like they were still getting along and had everything worked out for the kids.

Well, he’s 41. The new girlfriend is 19. What is this I don’t even. 19 is a child. Yes, I realize that they are technically both legal, consenting adults, but what the hell? She’s only 12 years older than his daughter. When he started dating his ex, the new girlfriend was 2. She’s barely out of high school. I recognize that I tend to be judgmental, and I do not know this woman, but oh my God. Also, it’s hard for me not to judge when her “likes” on Facebook include “The Situation” and “I wish Nicholas Sparks would create me a boyfriend” (why, so he can die of a rare disease in a shitty movie?). The whole thing bums me out so much. Just…ugh.

Make that two awakened housemates, and one wine-sprayed laptop.

Ah well. If they make it (huge if) she’ll be caring for a deteriorating 70-year-old when she’s just in her 50s, and if they don’t (when they don’t?), he’ll walk away with a renewed appreciation for women his own age and she’ll hold her future boyfriends to higher standards. I just feel embarrassed for his children. Can you imagine?

As an aside, have you seen or read THE PRIVATE LIVES OF PIPPA LEE? It’s not bad.

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