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Let’s Talk About Sex, Persephonies.

Dear readers, it’s time to get yourselves geared up for Persephone’s very first Sex Week. That’s right, an entire week dedicated to sex and what you have to say about it, because frankly, I don’t think it’s possible to talk about it enough. Are you excited yet? Come Monday I’ll be posing various thought-provoking (or silly, depending on my mood) questions on the topic and we’ll pick your brains for your thoughts, experiences, opinions, whatever. I may even add a personal anecdote or two, if you’re lucky. Throughout the week we’ll use the best bits from the previous day’s discussion to start even more discussion. Let’s face it, a lot of us love talking about ourselves and talking about sex (it’s a personal favorite subject of mine), so let’s combine the two, no? Sex Week will particularly focus on age and sex, specifically how age affects the way we think and feel about sex; heck, even how we have sex. I mean, the sex we were having (or not having) at 17 was probably a lot different than the sex we’re having now, right?

So put on some slow jams, grab a glass of wine, and come join us next week as we get honest, get open, and talk about the big S-E-X. It’s sure to be a bangin’ (heh) time.

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This will be so refreshing after last week’s discussion in soc. class where all the morons were like “It’d be creepy if a girl watched porn” and “Premarital sex is on the rise and so are divorce rates. I just made up a correlation, and that proves causation- I win!” and my desk was like “Your head goes here”. I love love love discussing human sexuality with people who are intelligent, open-minded, mature and candid on the subject! Woo-hoo!

This should be good. I think its interesting that you guys want to talk about age and sex because I was just talking to my roommate about sex. I’m 23 and she is 30 and it was clear that we have come from two different sex backgrounds.

I’m also with DairyCat in talking about toys and positions is always great too. I know a lot of people are over hearing about anal sex on the other ladyblog but I’ve been wanting to write an article about it on what I’ve experienced as someone who is new to it and has days where I love it and days where I could do without

@lirael That could be an interesting discussion, age and the particular sexual acts we see as interesting/normal/taboo. I’ve gathered that my mom (mid fifties) doesn’t understand anyone being interested in anal sex at all, whereas based on what I know about my and my friends’ sex lives (in our early to mid twenties), it’s very common for everyone to have at least tried it and fairly common to have it on a regular basis (both straight and lesbian couples).

Also, keep an eye out for this week’s Frisky Feminist post on Wednesday – we’ll be responding to a question from someone who is interested in trying anal sex but who has some concerns, so definitely come put in your two cents in the comments – the more information, suggestions, and perspectives she can get, the better. :)

Can we talk about how gender plays a part in sex? Not, the obvious “you have this piece and I have the corresponding part,” but how sex is something to be either “given” or “taken” depending on what’s in your pants? It’s a question that’s really been bugging me lately.

Or, we can just give advice on sex toys and positions – I’m totes into that too.

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