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LTP: 2/14 Happy V-Day, P’neers!

Cartoon hearts and glitter hugs for all of you on this most shiny and chocolate covered holiday.   We have 18 posts on deck behind this one ready to keep you entertained and enlightened all day and well into the night (and beyond, with the second shift open thread at 10 p.m. EST).

Today’s LTP has two options, one for the wordy and one for the arty.  It’s not Valentine’s Day without a crafty project with doilies and foil, even virtual versions.

Option #1: Valentine’s Day can easily turn into an effort to make big, romantic gestures, but I’ve found it’s the little things that end up being more romantic to me.  The lover who cleans the snow off your car or remembers that half banana/half strawberry shakes from Steak & Shake are your favorite gets more points in my book than the lover who writes sonnets and makes a BFD about the holiday.  What are some of the little romantic gestures you’ve done or had done for you by a special someone?

Option #2: Make a Valentine with Polyvore and put the link in the comments, I’ll edit them into the post in between my other editorly duties today.

Here’s mine:

Hearts for PM

Hearts for PM by chamalla on

Chuck & Blair 4evr

Chuck & Blair 4evr by Scarlett Waldorf featuring stud earrings

From Scarlett Waldorf!

Image Credit from kimrv on Flickr

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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Mr. Blue disappointed tonight. We had a nice lovely dinner and then he passed out on the couch.

He’s the kind of guy who likes the sexytimes 24/7 but for logistical reasons it’s been a few days. Even I was a little antsy… but now he’s sacked out in bed and I’m here on the couch.


For our two-year anniversary, I made the boyf’s favorite breakfast before he woke up. Then I knocked on the door and woke him up, and he followed a trail of reeses cups (his favorite candy) and yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting (his favorite) to the table. The cupcakes spelled out “Happy 2 years!” And I drew him a card with two long-neck dinosaurs having their necks all intertwined and stuff. He keeps it in his car :)

. . .Am I going to be the first sad pathetic person to say I have never had a valentine? :cries a single emo tear:

I was going to make a polyvore valentine instead, but the text I wanted was too long, and also polyvore hates my computer. :second emo tear:

That said, should I ever yet manage acquire a boyfriend, I would take ironing over chocolate anyday.

Also, if a guy quoted this to me? I would be his forever.

The postmodern reply to the modern consists of recognizing that the past, since it cannot really be destroyed, because its destruction leads to silence, must be revisited: but with irony, not innocently. I think of the postmodern attitude as that of a man who loves a very cultivated woman and knows he cannot say to her, ”I love you madly,” because he knows that she knows (and that she knows that he knows) that these words have already been written by Barbara Cartland. Still, there is a solution. He can say, ”As Barbara Cartland would put it, I love you madly.”

My birthday was friday and we’re not big valentines day people but my boyfriend spent all day saturday with me. It was perfect and meant so much more than something he bought. First we did grocery shopping, he made me a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and bacon, we laid in the sun, then he helped me clean the house. Not exciting but helpful! Usually he’s so antsy and needs to go do something active on his days off.

For the birthday I said I didn’t want anything except good food! We went for sushi one night and to a Japanese steakhouse the next. Yum!

I woke up with the beginning dredges of a cold this morning. Sore throat, head pressure, all that stuff. Dove straight for the Neti pot (love that shit), decongestants and ibuprofin. Boyf reminded me to make hot tea with honey. He was going to bring me some of his famous beef & veggie soup tonight, but informed me that he will be doubling the batch. I predict that his soup and hugs will do more for me than my OTCs ever could. I’m a big girl and I can (and always do) take care of myself when sick, but it’s so nice to have someone to worry over me.

My boyfriend just spent the week driving me to and from work, class, and extra activities because I sprained my ankle on Thursday. I told him I could just call everyone and try to take time off, but he insisted on going out of his way to make sure I got to everything I needed to…and then when we got home, he stuck me in bed, did all my chores, and cooked me food.

Not necessarily a grand romantic gesture out of the movies, but it was so nice to feel that someone cared about me enough to make sure I took care of myself.

I first met my man in a dive bar in a rural place. He was dressed up (he’s Southern) in a neat and tidy button-down shirt and white Nikes. In the winter. In a bar so skanky I explain to newcomers “imagine you’re dressing for a place with a dirt floor. With manure in the corners.” I liked him, laughed at him, and asked him why he had worn a picnic blanket to the bar.

Two years later, he showed up this weekend with two dozen peonies (the flower I’d kill for, and very hard to get this time of year) wearing the old picnic basket shirt. It made me cry. xoxoxx Happy V-Day everybody…

Mr.C and I have our anniversary three days after Valentine’s, so we usually go pretty low-key for VD. I planned to make dinner tonight and when I was shopping, got him a chocolate croissant to surprise him with this morning (and Cannoli for dessert tonight, since they were out of it when we went to dinner Saturday). We like to spread sweet things out all the time, though… once, he picked up a tea infuser tumbler for me at the grocery store just because I’d off-offhandedly said I wanted to drink more loose leaf tea. And occasionally, he’ll pop in to vist me at work (a special treat, since we work about 30 minutes away from each other).

I’m going to be obnoxious and use this time to announce, It’s my birthday!

Also, I had no idea Polyvore could do that so I’m off to make an insanely pink and glittertastic card ripe with Hello Kitty images (to match the v-day cards I gave my co-workers) :)

So fun!

Yah for candy at 6:30am! Woo Hoo!

I love the small things. The mister and I actually never say “I love you.” He proposed, I accepted, we got married at City Hall, all without ever actually saying it. A couple of days before the big family ceremony, he asked me if I thought it was weird that we never tell each other we love each other even though we were married. We kind of said it then, indirectly, but that was it. Even our vows didn’t say “I love you” directly, but included a line about always remembering to do the little things that remind us why we love each other. I think that it’s way more important to do these little things and SHOW it in our actions than to say the words. You can say whatever you want, but it doesn’t mean anything unless you act that way, too.

The Mister occasionally wipes the snow off my car and shovels a little path around it in the morning. He also gives me a kiss goodbye every single morning before he leaves. It is the sweetest thing ever. Every night, I fold up this little blanket that he puts between his knees when he sleeps (he has some knee problems) and put it on his pillow so he can find it. The little things. ♥

One thing that future Mr. did for me that I thought was really sweet was take me to a wine tasting. He loathes 99.8% of alcohol including wine, but he knows that I really enjoy wine and trying new things, so he took me on a date to a local wine tasting. I really appreciated him being so willing to do something he knew he’d almost certainly dislike because he knew that I’d love it.

The most romantic thing Mr. Cupcake has done recently was walk through a blizzard to get me Ginger Ale when I wasn’t feeling well (which totally counts as romantic in my book).

I’ll be making a fruit crisp for him after work today – he thinks it’s romantic when I bake things.

My boyfriend and I went out for a romantic New Year’s Eve dinner, while I was cracked out on muscle relaxants. I was really taken by the single white roses in bud vases on the tables, and so he swiped one for me. Somehow without us really doing anything the rose dried out and he kept it and put it on one of his living room shelves with his football trip pictures. I love that he swiped it, and that he kept it.

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