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Lunchtime Poll 2/1

Happy February, everyone! Or not. Despite the fact that this month starts off strong with some family and friends’ birthdays, February as a whole is my least-favorite month. I just think the cozy charm of winter has worn off and everyone¬†is looking¬†forward to the spring. Those of us on the East Coast are going through our second consecutive super-snowy winter and that crap just gets old.

So! In order to perk things up, let’s all chime in with things we like about this time of year. I know there have to be a few of you out there who enjoy February, and not just those who live somewhere warm. Well then, get to it. What do you like about this short, cold little month?

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It’s my last month to use the excuse “it’s too cold to go out and do x, y, z (which is usually grocery shopping, exercise, and meeting up with people I really don’t want to.

I can also snuggle with my blanket, movies, and books without one iota of guilt (kittehs too).

Soup…pots and pots of different soup

Hot toddies

Thick fuzzy socks

All matters of comfort food, preferably with GRAVY!

I love your optimism <3
I like Valentine's Day decor. It's my favorite holiday for home accessories. Lots of pink.
I like that we're in the winter home stretch. February always feels like "ok, I just need to make it through 28 days and then it'll be March! March is when spring happens!"
I like that you can get Valentine's day candy on sale.
I like that the gym should be starting to clear out of resolutioners.
I like have an excuse to just hang out inside and work on crafts? I'm running out of ideas...

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