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Lunchtime Poll 2/15

Happy Discount Candy Day, everyone! Now’s the time to stock up on cheap heart-shaped candies. I’ve also decided it’s time for a fun, if superficial, Lunchtime Poll. As you well know, award season is upon us. If you’re anything like me, you greet this time of year with a mixture of giddy excitement and minor disgust. I mean, I love looking at pretty dresses and seeing the unscripted moments that pop up during a telecast. But I also think the whole thing is one giant overblown circle jerk for the movie industry.

THAT SAID. Today’s poll asks: what’s your favorite red carpet outfit? I say “outfit” because not all women choose to dress in gowns (calling Tilda Swinton!) and who knows? Maybe your favorite outfit was worn by a man. Anyway, mine’s a no brainer. I could dig deeper into the Oscar red carpet archives, but when I wrote this poll I already had my dress in mind: Freida Pinto’s 2009 Oscar gown. That was the big year for Slumdog Millionaire, and she looked amazing. The excessive hand-on-hip posing usually drives me nuts, but in her case it served to highlight the gorgeous single lacy sleeve. The color, too, was unique and flattering and photographed very well. Love it!

Y tu, commenters?  (PS: I don’t know how/if you can post photos in the comments. If not, just provide a link)

Actress Freida Pinto posing for the Oscars red carpet

Photo: Getty

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