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Lunchtime Poll – 2/16

Not a week goes by that I don’t fantasize about moving to a house in the country where my nearest neighbor is 3 miles away.  Today’s fantasy is brought to you by My Opera Singing Neighbor, who has really been stepping up her practicing recently.  It wouldn’t be so bad except for every time it starts up I think someone is being attacked.  So today’s LTP is: Who is/has been your most annoying neighbor?  Or, for you more positive readers, who is/has been your best neighbor? Anyone you can ask to borrow a cup of sugar or who shovels your sidewalk just out of courtesy?  I guess we can all be grateful that we don’t live next door to Octomom, though!

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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OH! I did have a crazy neighbor thing last week… I was walking my dog around 10pm and she started barking at another dog. For about 10 seconds or so. I was trying to calm her down when I heard someone shout “Shut your damn dog up!” Kinda surprised, I said “Wow,” and the voice replied “Yeah… Wow!” in a sarcastic tone. I tried to let it not bother me, but it did. I thought I knew the people who lived there and she’d always seemed nice before, so thought this must be someone new. So I walked up their stairs and knocked on the slightly ajar door. It was slammed shut. I knocked again and she shouted “Get off my property!” I explained that I was just her neighbor and wanted to introduce myself. She yelled again for me to get off her property. I snidely yelled back (not my finest hour) that it wasn’t her property, it was the complex’s, and went off. Mr.C got all upset when I told him and went over, but she wasn’t answering the door. He was going out of town the next day and was worried that the person might do something crazy, but when he came back at lunch, there was a letter from her apologizing for lashing out and explaining that she’d had family stuff going on and had to put her dog down recently and she sometimes didn’t respond in the best way to things and she was really sorry.

I wrote her a note back telling her that I totally understood and I was sorry about her dog and if she needed to talk to anyone to call me and left it at her door with a muffin that night.

I am having a weird, passive-aggressive suburban feud with one of my neighbors. We had a mutual friend/neighbor and I sided with her when they had a fairly minor argument. After that we were both dead to her. This was three years ago, but when I drive by her house she still glares at me. If I drive by her when she is out walking her dog, she will turn her back to me so she won’t risk having to wave at me. She’s not nearly as bad as the other crazy neighbors/roommates, but trying to do yardwork while I know I am being watched by someone who hates me for no good reason is really awkward.

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