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Lunchtime Poll: 2/18/11

think geek catalog coverI am a catalog junkie.  It’s like shopping without having to worry about spending money.  (As much as I love catalogs, I hate buying things I can’t touch first.)  A fresh, unopened catalog is like a wonderland of possibilities, you never know what you might find inside.  I blame it on the Sears Wish Books of my youth.

My current favorite is ThinkGeek.  They have the cutting edge in weird and wonderful toys for geeks of all ages, and we get a steady supply of catalogs because my son orders something about once a month.

Since I know I’m not alone in this, today’s poll is this:  What is your favorite catalog to drool over?

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Think Geek
Uncommon Goods

Those two are the ones that I actually put little post it flags on (tauntaun sleeping bag FTW!)

And I have a new love for Carol Wright, the junk magazine, because it now has a section of sex toys!
Also the magazine that has all kinds of pagan-y, witch, metaphysical stuff that I can’t remember the name of.

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