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Lunchtime Poll: 2/24

I’ve got weather on my mind today — we’re under another winter weather advisory today. Here’s today’s question — which is more tolerable, rain or snow?

On team rain, you have people who rationalize that at least it’s above freezing when it rains.

On team snow, you have the pretty factor and the fact that you can walk in the snow and not feel wet.

If you had to pick (sorry eternal sunshine isn’t a choice this fine February morning) “¦ which would it be — rain or snow?

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Snow: Pretty. Ski-able (not that I can afford to ski lately). Equals movies and hot cocoa and SNOW DAY! Also, I have discovered pretty snow boots and snow justifies the price. Pink cheeks match everything.

Rain: Puddles. Thunderstorms and pitter-patters are nice. Galoshes! Not cold (usually). Bitch to drive in (I totalled my little civic in a rainstorm). I guess as long as my pants aren’t getting wet at the bottoms, I prefer rain. It’s more wild.

Pros for rain: wearing rainboots and walking through puddles, not necessarily cold enough to freeze your face off, pleasant pitter-patter of raindrops, no slush, no shoveling, no gray/black snowdrifts, no slipping on hidden ice patches

Pros for snow: not as wet, pretty when falling, pretty for the first day or so

I do believe I’m on team rain.

Rain. If I have to shovel one more time this season I might just go into a rage. And if I hit another giant pothole caused by the plows, thereby fucking up my alignment and 2 rims and resulting in a $900 repair bill, there will be violence.

If I lived in a city where I absolutely didn’t need a car and was good about keeping the sidewalks and street corners clear (hey NYC! In case you haven’t figured it out yet, making building owners in charge of sidewalk cleaning is a REALLY BAD IDEA!), I might vote for snow.

Hmm. I think I say snow. Because that gives me some traction while walking to and from campus, plus the drivers in my city actually slow down when it snows; when it rains, even if it’s pouring and visibility is terrible, people still speed around. And snow puts me in the mood for warm drinks and snuggling, and rain (unless it’s that pretty kind of rain) mostly just bums me out and turns my street into a muddy mess.

Now that I’m an adult, rain. I’ve always loved the sound of the rain anyway, and at the moment I have a pretty severe driving phobia which means snowy/icy weather, or the potential for some, leads to a huge mental breakdown for me as I freak out about whether my school/work commitments will be canceled or I’ll have to figure out some way to get in that doesn’t involve me driving my giant, evil car. Also I live in an area where people are totally unequipped to deal with bad weather which makes it even worse because the roads never get cleared and people are zipping around like morons making it worse. At least with rain I just put on my golashes and hopefully remember to put the big umbrella in the car.

I live in the Land of Eternal Rain. So, you kinda adapt and not see it as a problem.

When it snows (like today), it’s absolute CHAOS. For example:

But I like the snow. I know how to drive in it, there are always chains in my car and it is so insanely beautiful outside I could never hate the snow. Good.Lord.

You know what weather I hate? Thunder and Lightening storms. They can go die terrible, painful, eternal deaths. Seriously.
(also, eternal sunshine would drive me MAD.)

I… um… I’ll have to pick rain, because I can at least go jogging, biking, or walking in light rain. I really miss being outdoors. Snowbanks interfere with safe areas to do those things, and snow means it’s cold enough that I will physically be in pain if I spend too much time outside (thanks, everything that’s wrong with my body!)

I would pick rain, myself. My current job is as a food deliverer for a restaurant. Rain is soooooo much easier to drive in, other people on the road don’t drive like such timid jackasses in it, and also people don’t look outside, see rain, and go “OH CRAP NEED TO HAVE A MINION BRING ME FOOD NAO” all at once like they seem to when it snows.

On the plus side, then you have people like me who believe that if I’m ordering in because I don’t want to go outside, then I need to add at least $5 onto my tip to compensate. $10 if the weather’s really heinous.

Unfortunately, not everyone has those views, I think.

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