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Lunchtime Poll: 2/28

What’s up, readers?  How were your weekends?  Did you catch the Oscars?  In the spirit of the shiny, gold, bald man, today I want to know the movie you think was robbed of the little statuette more than any other.  Ready, set, go!

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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I loved the special effects awards! I’ve never paid attention to that part but I am absolutely in love with the little clips they showed of how the effects were done.

Like Inception? I’d pay to see how they did that entire movie! Geeking out!

All the special effects awards and make-up awards ended up being my favorite part of the entire ceremony.

Hans Zimmer was robbed. The music in Inception was beautiful. Also, while I did like The King’s Speech, I felt Christopher Nolan (Inception) should’ve won best original screenplay. The only acting category I wasn’t happy with was best actress. I was rooting for Michelle Williams.

Inception and Black Swan were my two favorites, and I’m pleased that they won what they did but had hoped they would fare even better. I haven’t seen The King’s Speech, so I really can’t compare them, but I was hoping that either Darren Aronofsky or David Fincher would win best director; I definitely didn’t think The Social Network was the best picture this year by any means, but I really love David Fincher’s past work and think it’s time he won something big.

Inception, despite its flaws, should have won a lot more awards. Hans Zimmer was totally robbed because not only was that music powerful, moving, and an enhancement to the environment, it was inspired by Edith Piaf and completely memorable. Compared to the score it lost to, the music of Inception crushed The Social Network with the weight of its awesomeness.

It should have taken home more than it did. :(
It should have been nominated for more…

When I stopped picking winners based on what I liked and started picking them based on what I thought everyone else would like, I GREATLY increased my average. (Maybe I just have horrible taste?)

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