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Lunchtime Poll: 2/3

Welcome, Year of the Rabbit! Today’s Poll is a simple one: What’s your Chinese Zodiac? As far a I know, unlike the blow that came in January to Western Astrology, the Chinese Zodiac hasn’t changed in well, ever.

So, what’s your sign, baby?

Not sure? Check out this handy chart and find out!

Personally, I”m an Ox.

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I have to share my super crazy Chinese horoscope for today:

The energy of Nyun-Sai, which means flirtatiousness, is not a very good energy. With the lustfulness of the day Pyun-Jae added to it you will have an overly strong libido. You will try to find a person who will satisfy this urge by any means. Unfortunately, you will have to spend a lot of money in order to achieve this.

Is it just me, or if this the most insane horoscope ever?

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