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Lunchtime Poll 2/9

It’s the middle of the middle of the week! My favorite day for Lunchtime Poll!  I took the Jeopardy! Online Test yesterday, mostly just for fun.  My love of Jeopardy is well-known, but I don’t know that I’d want to be on the actual show.  There are a lot of gaps in my knowledge that I don’t know if I want to spend time learning.  But I would rather be on a game show that required at least a little skill, as opposed to something like Deal Or No Deal.  I think I would rather be on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.  The chance for winning more money is greater, and it still requires some knowledge.

How about you all? What game show (past or present) would you like to be on? Price is Right? Supermarket Sweep? Wipeout? The Newlywed Game? There are so many to choose from!

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I would love to be on Jeopardy. When I was a kid our neighbor was on it and she totally bombed. She was one of those contestants you just feel bad for because they are so bad. It wasn’t that she wasn’t smart, she was, but she completely cracked under pressure and those bright lights. Ever since I’m scared that same thing would happen to me.

Although, I have a few years of bar trivia experience under my belt which is a plus.

I love Jeopardy and I dream of going on the show. My biggest worry is that Alex will retire before I get the chance. I tried out for the college tournament but wasn’t chosen, and now I’m waiting until I finish grad school to take the test again so that I’ll have more time and I can study a ton if I make it.

Any trivia show, although I would have to get some therapy for my crippling microphonophobia before I could be on TV.

I’ve taken the Jeopardy test before, and my two year waiting period is up so I may try again tonight, but I had serious fantasies about being on Win Ben Stein’s Money when it was on the air.

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