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Morbid Curiosity Monday: Bacon Wands

This week, I decided to go for the gusto and make something called “Bacon Wands”. What? No! That is not a bizarre euphemism for a part of the male anatomy! Get your filthy mind out of the gutter!

I think Bacon Wands would be the perfect snack to bring to your next Hogwarts cosplay party (or whatever you crazy kids are into these days). The recipe is so easy, it’s Riddikulus! It has two ingredients: bacon and breadsticks. You wrap a slice of bacon around each breadstick, and you put a tray of them in the oven until they’re done. That’s all. Seriously.

bacon wands before cooking

I used double smoked bacon (because I’m awesome like that), but I’m willing to bet you could have success with turkey bacon or veggie bacon if you’re willing to experiment. The recipe called for the bacon wands to be placed on a broiler pan, but I don’t have one (and I wasn’t about to buy one), so I used a cookie sheet covered in aluminum foil. All this meant was that I had to keep an eye on the wands and flip them over halfway through the cooking time. To better view your bacon wands as they cook, simply cast the Lumos spell. Failing that, I suppose you could turn on your oven light like a muggle.

As the fat cooks out of the bacon, it soaks into the breadsticks. I was a little afraid that this would make the wands go limp, but after a few more minutes they hardened up again and… Hey! I thought I told you to keep your mind out of the gutter!

Now, where was I? These are highly edible and meet many of my snacking requirements. Handheld? Check! Tasty flavor? Check! Crunchy carb? Check!

I’ve got my snack, so I’m heading off to Advanced Potions (translation: I’m going to make myself a gin and tonic).

Accio Cholesterol!

bacon wands

Bacon Wands

12 slices bacon
12 very thin bread sticks

1. Preheat oven.
2. Wrap bacon, spiral fashion, around the bread sticks; place, ends of bacon down, on rack on broiler pan.
3. Place broiler pan in oven; bake in hot oven (400° F) for 10 minutes, or until bacon is crisply cooked. Serve warm. Makes 12 sticks.

bacon wand close up
This recipe is Owl Approved.

This recipe comes from Volume 1 of the Family Circle Illustrated Library of Cooking, published in 1972.

By Jen R. L. Disarray

Jen was once described as a "culinary anthropologist". She liked that. When she is not making questionable foods, Jen enjoys reading, sassing, and lurking all over the internet. Jen has a blog called Maybe We Shouldn't Be Eating This, and she is a contributor to the Geekquality podcast and blog.

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