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Morning Open Thread, Now With Trivia Answers!

Good morning Persephoneers!  (Or good afternoon or good night depending on your time zone.)  We have a day chock full of goodness, just for you.  For now, please enjoy the early open thread after the answers to last night’s trivia and a little goodie from me to you.

1.  Who are the little blue men who shout “Crivens,” and what does it mean?

They are the infamous Nac Mac Feegle.  “Crivens” is their general exclamation, which can mean anything from, “Hey look at that,” to “Ooh, you’re gonna get such a kickin’!”

2.  What book asks the question “What can the harvest hope for, if not for the care of the reaper man?”

This is one of Death’s lines from Reaper Man.  I could be wrong, but I believe this is the first time I got chills reading a Pratchett book.

3.  What is the final stage of development – Snowglobe –> shopping trolley –> _____ ?

Also from Reaper Man, the shopping mall is the final stage of the city parasite invading Ankh-Morpork

4.  Who is Binky?

Death’s horse.  He tried fiery steeds, but they got so embarrassed when they set their stalls alight.

5.  What does it say on Rincewind’s hat?

“Who needs to put ‘Wizzard’ on their hat?”

6.  “Sometimes it’s better to light a _________ than curse the darkness.”


7.  What do Cohen and the Silver Horde do at the end of The Last Hero?

After stealing the Valkyries’ horses, they make a quick visit to Fingers Mazda , leaving him with a very sharp sword**, before riding off to carouse amongst the stars.

8.  According to Lord Vetinari, what is the greatest freedom of all?

The freedom to take the consequences.  This is from the angel speech at the beginning of “Going Postal:”  “I believe in freedom, Mr. Lipwig. Not many people do, although they will, of course, protest otherwise. And no practical definition of freedom would be complete without the freedom to take the consequences. Indeed, it is the freedom upon which all the others are based.”

9.  In Thief of Time, what weapon does Susan find to be most effective against the auditors?

Chocolate.  And No Clever Name is correct, nougats don’t work well at all.

10.  Who is the Postmaster General of Ankh-Morpork?

I just put this question in because I wanted to say Moist Von Lipwig (pronounced ‘Lipvig’).

Bonus – What does “Ook” mean?

Well, duh.

**Fingers Mazda, like his Realworld counterpart Prometheus, stole fire from the gods for humanity and was punished by being chained to a rock where an eagle pecked out his liver every morning for eternity.  The Silver Horde thought this was a bit unfair.


What do squirrels have to do with Discworld?  Not a thing.  I just felt like looking at pictures of squirrels this morning.

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I totally don’t want to be all negative nancy but has anyone seen this?

The author makes a rape joke (“Cuz I sooo totally called this.” referencing another post where he called her slutty), then there’s this, which I’ve seen on tumblr:

How can we live in a culture where it’s okay to say things like this? It makes me sad.

Aaaaand a friend just posted a super-sensitive issue on one of my FB posts. Post Deleted. She so just crossed a line.

Awesome. Cause today has already been SO.FUN.

I’m going to hang out here and only here for the rest of the day – you all are nice. I need nice right now.

Hi, what’s everybody up to?

I’m writing like there’s no tomorrow, because my advisor will commit murder if I don’t send her a decent draft tonight. I wonder if it’s allowed for advisors to break up with their PhD students… I wonder if she’s wondering the exact same thing right now…

Le sigh.

A -distant- relative is bothering my family again. Thankfully my mum defended me last night but I find it alternating hilarious and pissed that someone who has spent less than an hour with my husband DARES to tell my mum “what to be concerned about” with us.

Ohhhh, humans. I do my best to put up with the crappy ones.
At least the Tacos were kickass.

Hey everyone! I have a rental question. I’m not sure if the laws differ that all over, but if it helps, I live in Manitoba. I rent a room in a 3 bedroom house, and one of our rooms will be empty come March. My other roommate found someone to take the room (is it really our responsibility to find a new tenent? Shouldn’t the landlord have done that?)

Anyway, even though this person applied at the end of last month, we just got word today that his background check sucks. The landlords said that he can still move in, but we are responsible for his portion if he bounces a check. Is that allowed?

Finally, if WE decide (not the landlords) to not allow him to move in, we will be required to cover the rent for the 3rd room for next month. Is that legal? It seems fishy.

We will be contacting the tenent association if need be, but for the time being I’m just checking to see if this is the norm, of if it really is sketchy. Thanks!!

I don’t know about Manitoba, but in Toronto, ON, everything the landlord is telling you would be correct if you and your roommates signed the lease for the entire house together. If one of you chooses to move out before the lease is up, it is up to the remaining tenants to deal with finding a new roommate, and paying the rent. But it really depends on the terms of your lease. Find out if you have a local tenant board. I bet Winnipeg would have one, and they should be able to help.

What are people’s thought RE: Lasik?

I’ve been waffling back and forth for a few months and can’t decide what I think. For reference, I’ve been wearing glasses for 27 years. Here’s my pros and cons so far:

The Lasik was advertised as $400 per eye. Went in for free consultation and got the bait-n-switch “Oh, your eyes are special, so it will be $1,500 per eye.” Everyone I know who has had Lasik has the same story, so it made me pretty angry.
Loss of Close-up vision
I have freakishly good close-up vision and I use it a lot — this was my major stumbling block after the consultation actually.
Cutting into healthy eyes
Yes, I have very poor vision (-5.0 and -5.5 for contacts if I am remembering correctly) but my eyes are healthy. The thought of messing with them really bothers me.

“Reset button”
At 40, my eyes are only going to get worse. Even with Lasik, I would probably need glasses in another 5ish years. BUT they would be much, much weaker/thinner.
This one is really quite trivial, but it would be nice to be able to wear sunglasses on a whim.
Freedom from glasses and contacts
Again, trivial I know. After 27 years it would be amazing to wake up in the morning and just be able to see, or fall asleep without my glasses digging uncomfortably into my nose.

Hmm… now that I type them out, I think the cons are still winning. But I still wouldn’t mind knowing what someone else thought.

Hi! I’m an ABO certified optician, fwiw.

Eventually your close up vision will go to shit. It’s called presbyopia and everyone will get it eventually, usually it starts around 40. Do you know what’s so “special” about your eyes that they’re going to charge you another $1100/eye for?
Also, I’ve talked to a handful of people that had their night vision go to shit after lasik so if you have amazing night vision that’s something else to think about.

Howdy! I had Lasik about a year ago.

For me, it cost $1750 per eye. Generally, the procedure that’s available at $400 per eye is also the one that takes 2 weeks of healing time, and does only work for very few people. I had the all-laser kind that has a 24-hour healing period, which I, personally, had to get because it has the lowest risk of complications and I was a high-risk for complications (since I have autoimmune disease).

Personally, it was worth it for me. Long-term negative side effects that I’ve had are my night vision has decreased somewhat and I’m more light sensitive. So I have to wear sunglasses outside – big deal, I can buy any pair of sunglasses I want and not worry if they fit over my glasses! (Since I was fairly light sensitive before the surgery, this was actually a very big motivator. Before it, I had to wear special over-the-glasses sunglasses, which kind of sucked.)

I’m 24 and had serious vision problems. I was wearing progressive lenses because bifocals didn’t offer enough different ranges for me to be able to see everything. Now, I’m golden. The eyedoctor told me I might need reading glasses after for seeing the computer, but I don’t (I do own two really snazzy pairs, though, in case I do start needing them.)

I am thinking about starting a new tumblr. I closed down my old one, even though it had lots of LB followers, because I got overwhelmed AND people I know for real were reading it, so I felt stifled.

But sometimes I have such GOOD THOUGHTS! And also, I feel like I run a better chance of some LB friends liking certain things I like than some of my less open-minded real life friends. As demonstrated by the fact that I have found fellow Ricky Martin lovers here.

@stephanie (Is that the right way to make sure you get this? I saw @xfafafabulous not work before, so who knows).

I can’t believe it took me this long but I totally dreamed about meeting RM last night. Except I tried to be all cool and not fangirly which came off as not interested enough and he was a little meh at me. But I met him! He’s gorgeous in my dreams, too!

Random online pet peeve: Abbreviations like DH DS DD… seriously, is it that hard to type out “my husband” (or “hubband” as I like to use) or “my kid” or whatnot? And you know what? Sometimes, my husband isn’t “darling,” so hell no, I’m not going to refer to him as such all the fracking time. It just carries this really smug tone to it, which I’m probably inferring with my own bias, and just irks me every time I see it. And I don’t even frequent places that just it! I just see it in the snippets of things my sister-in-law posts on Facebook parenting groups.Am I alone in this? Anyone else irked by it? I notice that it doesn’t seem to be much of a thing here (and I only noticed a few people doing it on Jez).

Instant karma for being crabby: I just spilled apple juice down my shirt while taking a sip.

Darling husband? Uhhuh hahahahah yeah no. I only use that when I’m about to ask him to pick up his ^%@#*^&_!# underwear off the floor for the 100th time.

I prefer to give him his own online moniker, like a lot of people do here and on Jez; i.e. Mr. Blue.

I hope that isn’t obnoxious. DH definitely is.

I hate the DH thing almost as much as I hate “hubby.” Ugh. “Hubby” is a terrible, terrible word.

I’ve fallen into the habit of calling the Mister… well, “the Mister.” We don’t really have nicknames for each other and actually call each other “Mister” and “Ma’am” when we’re being cute, anyway, so it works.

I like the trend that it seems like a lot of people have fallen into here and on the other ladyblog of calling them “Mr. [variation of screenname].” I think it’s hilarious, like @mrpaper. Or malishka and her tinymalishka. That sort of thing. It helps me keep things straight, and I kind of feel like I know these side people more than I do when it’s just “my husband” or whatever.

I haven’t noticed this, but that’s probably because I have most married friends (especially ones that have gotten engaged during the era of FB) hidden. I have a low tolerance for pictures of rings and mentions of dress fittings and the like.

This is made apparent by the fact that I read those as “da husband” instead of darling. Ha. Maybe you should read them like that instead? If these people weren’t hidden, it would probably drive me bonkers as well.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen those abbreviations being used… lucky me, apparently.

I also like the Mr.[insert screen name here] usage.

It’s funny, “Hubband” is my go to when speaking, not for typing out. “My husband” is for people who don’t know me (or him) very well. Outside of that I just use his actual name, because — at that stage — the people involved know both of us.

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