Ok so I see a lot of movies, I love them, but putting it simpler, there isn’t much to do in the town that I live in. So my friends and I go a lot. There are a bit of spoilers ahead, though I am trying to be as general as possible to not give away much. Onward to the review!

This past week, I went to see “The Rite.” First I got the most amazing and greasy burger from Five Guys Burgers, but my food exploits are another story.  I have always found religious movies rather frightening. I grew up staunchly Catholic, and was terrified that I was going to be inhabited by a demon, I blame the nuns for putting that fear in me.

There is something to be said about this genre of scary movie. I can handle the zombies, vampires, crazed serial killers, etc; but when it comes to demons, I am a goner. Why? Well you can’t kill a demon, you just expel them from that body, where they float around (or move somewhere else the way a demon does) and inhabit another pour soul. They don’t die! They are immortal! They are from hell! They are the devil’s minions! That is some scary stuff if you are at all religious or a person who doesn’t mess with religious stuff, like me.

Moving on to the film though. Anthony Hopkins was amazing, and so was the newcomer Colin O’Donoghue. If you see it for anything, at least see it for the beauty that is that man. I was so hesitant to see this movie, since I am terrified of these kind, but as soon as he appeared on the screen I wanted to sit there forever. (Moving on again to the plot!)

The movie plot is based off a book by the same name written by Matt Baglio. It is the story of a Michael Kovak (Colin O’Donoghue), who is a student at a seminary. He doesn’t want to be a priest, but uses the seminary as a way for his father to pay for college and for him to escape his hometown. While in the process of trying to leave one of the priests offers him the opportunity to attend exorcism training at the Vatican, trying to get him to reconsider one more time. The movie follows his experiences and his interaction with Father Lucas (Anthony Hopkins) a noted exorcist in Italy/the world. He soon finds that anyone is susceptible to the grasp of the devil and his minions.

The movie was good; in fact it was one of the best Exorcism movies I have seen. It was well thought out, and not cheesy like some can be. Though that also may be because it is supposedly based off true events, and really, you can’t have cheesy real life exorcism stories. Anthony Hopkins is a master at his craft. No he really is brilliant in this movie, it is a shame that thriller/horror movies don’t get the same attention that others do. Colin is good too, this is his first big film and he was marvelous, it also didn’t hurt that he was nice to look at. Keeping those two things separate though, he carried that movie well considering he was the lead character.

Overall I give it a hearty thumbs up, but warn you that there is some mild profanity, and sexual suggestions. Basically, don’t take kinds under the age of 17.

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Let me say first that I am a former Catholic Brat who loves horror and finds exorcism movies particularly unsettling….but…

I really couldn’t get into this. I feel like the movie was simultaneously too sexy and not sexy enough for his own good. You can’t just HINT at sexual tension or themes…you gotta either make it super somber or go at the sex part with a full head of steam.

Heh. “Sex part.” “Head.”

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