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Open Thread: 2/21

It’s 10pm on the East Coast and we’re wrapping up Presidents’ Day. Raise your hand if you checked your mailbox, tried to run into the library or drop your kids off at school today.

Was it a true Monday for you? I’ve got a few friends going through some crap today — it was definitely a Monday in my world. The good news? Tomorrow’s Tuesday!

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves…

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Argh. I’ve only been at work for 2,5 hours and it’s rapidly becoming one ofthose days where time just does. not. PASS! Completely opposed to yesterday which went by in a flash…I may have overloaded my productivity quota since I can´t seem to get motivated today. SILLY TUESDAYS WHO INVENTED YOU ANYWAY?

I seriously never noticed those little letters before. I’ve got a W and I’m a contributor, so I agree–it must be for “writer.” Nice to see that Persephone has got some fun features that Jezebel hasn’t ever tried–aside from being way more awesome and egalitarian, of course. :)

So, I don’t comment here much, but there for a bit I was a pretty heavy Jez commenter. But I figured you peeps might know a thing or two about the hiring processes involved in Big People jobs(I don’t, I’ve only ever worked low on the retail chain or in food)

So, I put myself out there for a job involving translating in the language I studied in college. My fluency is still good, and I’m heading back in the fall to begin the long journey of finishing my bachelors. Only, this HR lady told me last week Tuesday that they want to hear more from me when I get my fall schedule, because they think it might be too restrictive to allow me to work. I replied to her, in clarification, saying that the craigslist posting I replied to said only 20-25 hours anyway, I was going back part-time, and that I wanted to work, and to work school around my job, because income is important. It’s been radio silence ever since. On top of that, I haven’t even been accepted into the transfer program yet, and I won’t have my class schedule for a long while yet. I really want these people to give me a straight answer here.

Also, I sent out at least 8 resumes to different places in the town I’m moving for being an office/personal assistant. Fingers crossed I get something finally that isn’t minimum wage.

Hmm. It’s annoying that they haven’t gotten back to you, but you can always send a friendly, polite e-mail to remind the HR lady of your existence. Translators are hard to come by, and usually they’re in high demand.

As for the 8 resumes for a personal assistant, unfortunately, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Personal assistants are everywhere, and it’s a lot easier to hire someone who already lives in your area then to hire someone who will have to move (even if you’re already moving there). Applying for a job in a place you don’t live is really, really hard. It took my husband a year to find a job in a place we didn’t live, and he had 20 years’ experience in the Navy. I don’t want to make you sad, but realistically, you may have you wait until you are actually there–or take out a PO box in the town and use that as your address–to get a job.

Does anyone watch Harry’s Law? I love Kathy Bates and I like Nate Cordry, but I’m getting increasingly squicked by the authorial voice, so to speak, and I can’t even tell if it’s David E. Kelley being a creeper,or what. (Also, there’s stuff that screams blatantly bad legalese to me, but I could overlook that if it wasn’t to squicky ends. And by “squicky ends” I mean “arguing in favor of employers being able to fire workers who get pregnant” and “arguing in favor of making firing decisions based on employees’ familial situations”–which has a long sordid history when it comes to women in the workplace.

Oh, there’s still laundry, we’ve just done enough that we can pack for a week up in the great white North instead of the sunny South.

With five of us in the house, having all the laundry done at once is a near mythical occurance. The few times it has happened I have felt almost decadent as I surveyed all the drawers full of clean folded clothes.

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