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Open (thread) Up and Say Ahhh!

Hey there friends, neighbors, lurkers, ladyblog compatriots.  It’s 10 pm and that means only one thing on a weekday around these parts.  It’s probably time for an open thread!  Thanks for reading and writing and sharing today, you all get gold stars.

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Hi guys. Gotta share my excitement; my dream wedding venue is not booked on the date my fiance and I want. It looks like we’re going to get it, no changing the date, now further searching, as long as he’s okay with us just going for it and being done. I suspect he will be; it’s really affordable, all inclusive, and unique so there’s not a lot of reason to waffle on this any more. Hooray!!! This will knock out like 70% of our planning in one fell swoop!

It’s an aquarium! We’ll get married in the presence of the cuttlefish, and then our guests will get to go through the exhibits for cocktail hour while we take photographs in the shark tunnel and the room is reorganized for our reception. This aquarium is really big and elaborate; they have rainforest areas, monkeys, a sloth. It’s going to be a destination wedding for most of my side so this will be really fun and they’ll get to see something unique to our city.

Hokay, so. When I get my tax return I am going to make one big purchase with it. I am looking for advice about that purchase.

I neeeeed to get a memory foam mattress cover. I loved my fairly-firm mattress until whatever nerve thing I have going on started happening.

Obviously, quality is important, but I don’t want to go spending ALL of my tax return (I need some of it for a security deposit for my own place so I can get my dog.) Where should I go? What, specifically, should I look for? Anyone have any suggestions? (Near me, I have Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sears, Macy’s, Bon Ton, and probably some other stores that I am not thinking of. Since I moved here with a then-sufficient mattress, I’ve never been to any local mattress-shops).

Hi everybody. We’re on day two of a power-outage here, for no reason. Or, probably because I just went to the grocery store and filled the freezer with frozen chicken and fish, all of which will need to be trashed after another 12-hour blackout.

The upside: lots of eating out.
What is everybody else doing with their Tuesdays? Or Monday nights?

I’m on round 2 of antibiotics for the world’s most stubborn UTI

In other news, I have been working as an archaeologist on the Sunrise Powerlink monitoring their construction and tomorrow a bunch of people are planning on protesting right where I am working. Goody. I’ve been getting warnings all day to try to avoid them and essentially to stay out of harms way. Apparently some of the protesters are crazy. Tomorrow should be interesting

You can get them from Planned Parenthood. You should be able to find a number for the administrative side (not the clinic side) in your area if you just google around for “Planned Parenthood of [your region]”

I know they were giving them out like candy at the rally we had here last weekend, so maybe if there is an event in your area, you can just stop by that as well.

I am going to bed soon because I want to try spinning tomorrow. I went to one class years ago and it almost killed me then and I was in much better shape than I am now. BUT! As everyone as posted in all my whiny posts about being unmotivated to work out, it’s important to mix it up and challenge myself. If I don’t report back by 10:30 am, send help to the New York Sports Club.

Hi, I’m new. Can we do introduction posts here?
I’m a twenty-something hetero-normative lefty with a penchant for Viggo Mortensen, Martin Freeman, and getting to sleep early. I like long walks through the woods, short stories, and medium length movies. I just ate 5 cookies in 2 minutes. I want to grow up to be a librarian/crime-fighter, but will probably end up an unemployed lady who reads too much when she’s not memorizing whole episodes of Castle or Parks and Recreation.
If you like any of the pop culture references I just casually dropped, maybe we could be friends?

Hi! It’s nice to meet you — thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself. I think a librarian/crime-fighter is a great combination, and with all the budget cuts going on, some municipality will be lucky to have you!

As for me, I hang out a lot around these parts, with my fam, and at my PT job. I am far closer to 40 than I like to admit. I’ve probably missed more than half of your pop culture references ,but I do like Parks and Rec!!

Thank you! and yes, mmmm, Castle, so good. Sooo gooooood.
I confess, I’m a little overwhelmed. I tried to navigate some page …I don’t even know what I was looking at MYGOSHI’MSOTIRED. So.I think I’m going to go to bed and attack the site head on in the morning. Or the afternoon. After an energizing lunch.


Comic books! We can totally bond over that! That’s probably the one great thing about Borders closing its huge doors — X0% off graphic novels. I’m holding out for 70% off, everything-must-go madness before I descend on that place like a flock of carrion birds on a beached whale. Oh, the spoils!
What sort of comics do you like? Are you primarily a hold-the-paper-in-your-hands, feel-the-thin-pages, smudge-the-ink-with-your-sweaty-palms type or do you read any totally rad web comics? I just finished 1000! Thousand! Demons! by Lynda Berry. Mmmm, terrific.
I also like creative writing, but my friends are all so much better at it and blah blah blah, competitive field, not much money, no chance, blah. You know?
(Also, I’m going to bed, but I look forward to reading your response in the morning!)

Ahahaha, no money, oh do I know!

Well I read both physical comics & webcomics. I’m a DC kind of person, and I dig things that Gail Simone writes, I adore Manhunter, Teen Titans, Outsiders, as well as most things Batman. Expired things I like include Static Shock and Madame Xanadu. As for webcomics I like Templar, AZ; the Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal, Gunnerkrigg Court, Dresden Codak, Vattu…

Let me know your tastes tomorrow! Hope you sleep (slept) well!

You ma’am are clearly an intelligent, right-thinking person of character (meaning I agree with basically everything you just said)! Welcome!

I’m pretty new too – I switched over when I finally got fed up with Jezebel.

Besides the excellent past-times you mentioned, I’m rather fond of Terry Pratchett, the new Hawaii 5-0, and the poetry of Billy Collins. I like interesting pathogens and the occasional mysterious disease (relax, I’m a pre-med student)! I generally like to go to bed early, but at the moment I have to aim for getting to bed before midnight.

Welcome to the craziness!

AAH! TERRY PRATCHETT! I love him! Monstrous Regiment has to be one of my favorite books in the whole world. I mean, it’s just brilliant. And Cap.’t Sam Vimes, how cool is he? But I think my favorite group of books would be the Tiffany Aching series (Wee Free Men, Hat Full of Sky, etc.).

And I totally switched over from Jezebel, too. Ha, Jezebel. …and that’s all I’ll say about that.

I have not seen the new H5-o, although I have seen some promotional clips and, man. I am a big fan of that one guy who was also in LOST. Unf.

Pre-med sounds interesting; I was into toxicology for a while, but, like so many other interests of mine, it sort of fell by the wayside when something else captured my attention. I read this book called The Poisoner’s Handbook. It’s about Charles Norris and Alexander Gettler and the birth of toxicology in the 1920s. I highly recommend it; It’s like a good CSI season.

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