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Open Thread!

Yay! Tomorrow’s Friday! And it’s Open Thread time! Time for socializing! And excessive use of exclamation points! Here is a song to get you started, I know it’s technically a holiday song, but it’s in honor of the snow day that seemed to be happening across the PNW today. See you all in the comments!

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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Whoooo! Today is an awesome day! I have a job interview at 3, and I just got a call from the place I’m having my MRI done. I can eat normally that day, no fasting (which is great because it’s in the evening). Also, when I got Valium for a previous medical procedure, my doctor was like “I’m going to give you three extra pills in case you ever have to have extreme dental work or something,” and I can totally take that before the MRI as long as I have someone to drive me (which I do!)

Good morning, GMTers! What are your plans for the weekend? I’m looking at three solid days of writing, to make up for slacking off a bit this week. My best friend (who lives abroad and I only get to see twice a year) was in town, and there was beer and deep-fried food involved. I regret nothing!

A question for the editors if any of them sees this: What’s the etiquette about commenting in old posts? I love going through the archives and sometimes I feel like adding something to a post written months ago… Is that ok, or should we keep to the more recent stuff?

I think that, if it’s new to you, you can comment on it! There are a lot of excellent articles to discover. (I’m not an editor, however…) :)

Plans? Nothing much. A birthday at a pool hall tonight, and then hopefully we get around to putting on the baseboards (we laid down laminate in JULY). We are very, very lazy people.

That’s what I love about Persephone: there’s lots of great material in the archives, and I’m really looking forward to going through them when I have more time.

The baseboards thing… is that the whole house, or just one room? I completely understand the lazyness: we moved a month ago and we still aren’t fully unpacked.

I’m not entirely sure what my plans are – I had wanted to go to the Walk for Choice in my home city two hours away, but they’re getting really crappy weather right now and it’s supposed to stay crappy we need to be able to get back home by early evening in case future Mr. paperispatient gets called in to work. So right now I am being grumpy and undecided; besides that, I’ll be working on a big presentation I have in my literature class on Monday.

And I’m not an editor, but I love seeing comments appear on old posts of mine. When the readership was small we didn’t usually get many/any comments, and I’m still quite proud of some of the posts and would love for more people to go back and read them. :)

That’s one of the reasons why I often feel compelled to comment on old posts: I think it’s sad that a great article only gets a couple of comments just because it was posted before Persephone really took off.

Good luck on your presentation!

Suggestion to editors: oldies-but-goodies-type posts in which you link your new readers back to some of the awesome articles from the archive.

Thanks! And good luck on your writing. :)

I’d been mulling over doing a “the best of the Frisky Feminist so far” type post – I think I’m going to save it for closer to when the first full draft of my thesis is due (heh), but it’s good to know that other Persephoneers would be interested in posts like that!

I ‘m going to a Planned Parenthood rally tomorrow, and then we’re having brunch on Sunday for my parents’ birthdays. (My dad’s is today, and my mom’s was last week. We usually celebrate them both on the weekend in between, but my dad’s sister was out of town last weekend.)

A friend is having a pre-Oscar movie trivia party on Saturday night, but I haven’t been sleeping so well lately. We’ll see how tired I am and how bad the weather is tomorrow night before I decide.

All weekend will be devoted to a case project for my accounting class. Super fun!

Wanna know what’s more fun? I’ll be working on this project At Work. Now that’s how you spend a Saturday. (I need a software program that my company has but I’m too cheap to buy for myself.)

However, I do plan on drinking all the hot chocolate that my employer keeps stocked in the kitchenette. :)

What is a good sunscreen lotion for the face? I want something that feels light and not greasy and I’m afraid to just buy something because I don’t have a lot of free spending money.

For reference I use Clinique Moisturizing Gel, which goes on really light and doesn’t end up making me feel greasy later later in the day.


I have had good luck with Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-touch sunscreen. It only comes in pretty high SPFs, though, so for daily face sunscreen I like Cetaphil’s SPF 15 Daily Face Moisturizer. It’s a little more greasy than Neutrogena, but not much different from regular face lotion in terms of greasiness.

I use Oil of Olay’s All Day UV Moisturizer. It’s got an SPF of 15 and it doesn’t make me feel greasy at all, which is good because I have somewhat oily skin anyway. It comes in a few different varieties (sensitive skin, oily skin, etc.) and it’s not expensive at all. For the rest of my body, I second SweetBabboo’s suggestion for Neutrogena.

I also use Oil of Olay – for dry, sensitive skin. There’s a 30 spf out there but it can be hard to find. :( I love Oil of Olay! And it’s not expensive.

For all over wear, I get the cheapo Walgreen’s in 50. Because I’m mega pale. But that stuff is the best and lasts all summer.

Eight hour supposed-hell day > Tuesday’s five hour supposed-easy day! Seriously, inventory for the win- 90% of our staff were in, which meant any and all questions could be answered, the inventory service staff were pretty much supernice, and then there was FREE FOOD afterward.

I wish it could be inventory everyday :D

Ack, this company I want the job at? Is still being all waffley on me. They said on Wednesday that they wanted a phone interview “sometime this week”. We are running out of week, and I want this job so bad, before I get to moving. Having it confirmed would be so nice. And this February has been so crummy, I just want some good news. I need it.

I have been waiting for my etsy package from a lady that is within state. It was supposedly shipped on the 22nd and now I just found out that it was returned to the sender because “it could not be delivered as addressed”. What does that even mean? I checked and I gave my address correctly. I’ve never had this happen to me before. Should I email her and find out what is going on or give her a few days?

It’s just a different kind of crazy. I’m used to the everyday crazy at home, but now we are adding in unpredictable elements that are throwing me off a little.

And yes, the kids are on a winter break. Our county changed to a schedule with a longer school year that has a week-long break every six weeks. Statistically it makes for higher test scores and all that good stuff.

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