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Open Thread/TDG: 2/17

Who here is ready for spring? I can’t wait. I’m ready to hear birds and smell the fresh spring air while I shove my big, bulky winter coat into the back of the closet until October. For today’s Daily Goodie, I thought we all might enjoy some pictures that remind us spring is right around the corner. 

Persephone is, necessarily, going to be awesome in the springtime, when the world looks more like this:

All photos from Morguefile

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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I got tired of feeling like I couldn’t interact with all the awesome P’neer tumblrs (I primarily used my portfolioish account over there), so I set up a personal tumblr. So, like, follow me so I don’t get a complex.

Mixed references ftw!

Granted, I’m going to log off in a bit to watch and recap Bones for tomorrow (yay! No more writing about Skins for me!), so it’ll just be stagnant until then, but that’s the way it goes.

Hi everybody! Because I’m physically incapable of spending a dollar without doing a public opinion poll first, today I’m asking for your input on computer monitor dimensions:

Is 27 inches absurdly large if you’re not going to use it for image- video- or design-related stuff? I would use it mostly for internet access and writing… And, while it would be great to be able to open several windows on the same screen, 27 inches still feels a little extravagant for little old me typing away at a word document… What do you think?

I’ve had a 27″ at home and two slightly smaller side-by-sides at work, and, personally (and embarrassingly), ended up preferring the latter. You end up with more retail space–I’d open browsers on one screen, Word on the other, and sliding back and forth between them was a breeze–and don’t feel quite so overwhelmed by some monolithic monster. The 27″ is, admittedly, great for Netflix, but as far as productivity is concerned, the bi-monitor set up won hands-down.

Lots of votes for the dual monitor, I’m seriously considering it! The thing is, I’m a Mac user, and I’ve read the Mac Mini is not great with two monitors… I may need to do some research! I think I would feel slightly self-conscious having a two-monitor setup without being a designer or programmer… Then again, I could really use some extra room for my Word documents! Thanks for the input.

Hi everyone!

Man I feel like I can *taste* those hyacinths in that pic, they’re so gorgeous. They probably taste like… grape popsicles.

Also, help me help me from causing internal damage — I just made a huge tray of bran muffins and I can’t stop eating them. I’m sure that much fibre in one sitting isn’t good for a person…

I just posted this in my Tumblr but I’ve been neglecting Persephone OT so I’mma post here too :)

Anyone have any good recommendations for electronic save the dates? I don’t want to do Evite–I want to have a file embedded in an email I send directly to my guests. I’m a photographer so I’ve got photoshop but very rudimentary design skillz. I’m hoping to find some kind of template service where I can make something and then drop it into an email.


And don’t even get me started on having to give up wearing your slippers to bed! Which makes me wonder… Did this person give up their slipper habit because their true love asked them to? Or did they make some sort of covenant that they would give up the slippers in exchange for true love? Because the latter would also be silly, but much more exciting in a Faustian kinda way!

Hello, I’ve come to introduce myself. I am a defector from The-LadyBlog-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

I know an introduction isn’t really necessary but I thought I might do one speed dating style anyway: I’m Betty and I like Xbox and sewing and detective novels and cooking and history and bunnies (God this makes me sound like a 12 year old!:)). Pleased to make your acquaintance…

I just google image searched “snow guinea pig” to see what yours might be. In case it was something I should know about.

My desktop is one that my ex took when he was on a safari this fall – it’s three lionesses sleeping, and one has her paw over her face. ‘Tis adorable! Too bad there’s always work covering it.

Just looking at those makes me feel like sneezing!

I love Spring, but my allergies do their damndest to make me as miserable as possible. I was actually just thinking on the way in that allergies would be a great article topic for the new medical writer! Something about how to best brace yourself for the upcoming onslaught of pollen-induced misery? Besides actually making that appointment with the allergist I’ve been telling myself to make for the last 5 months.

Ug, what I wouldn’t GIVE for a little winter. The chance to bundle up in thick sweaters and boots and mittens and smell the crisp white cold of a freshly snowed ground.

I live in the tropics and there are hibiscus and jacarandas sprouting everywhere, all the time, and everything is green and it is always, alwaaaaaaays sunny. It’s great, but after awhile it gets pretty dull.

@littlegirlblue One of my good friends recently moved to the San Francisco area after living in Boston for a year, in central Ohio for college, and growing up in Wisconsin. I was ready to be envious and resentful of all the warmth and sunshine she’s getting, but she’s said the same thing – that it gets old and she really misses having seasons. (I may still be a tiny bit resentful though, haha.)

Ha! I live in the SF bay area and my first thought was “But we DO have seasons!”
…and then I remembered my Indiana friend saying the same thing. And my Wisconsin friend, and my DC friend…
Wisconsin boy yelled at me via Skype last year because I was complaining about the cold. In shorts.

I hated living in Charleston for the same reason. I felt a bit stuck there, and never seeing any change in the weather except from hot to hotter really ruined my mood. There were big trees but they never even shed their leaves in autumn! It drove me crazy.

It was actually hilarious when it snowed there, though, as it hadn’t for ten years before that. It only snowed overnight, and in the morning I woke up to the sound of water rushing off the top of the building as all that snow melted.

Thanks! I’m sure I will. The professors generally vote and email by that afternoon, so my fellow grads and I will probably be out drinking to ease the anticipation. The snow day seemed nice at the time, but now I just wish this whole thing had been over two weeks ago. Good luck with yours!

Don’t rush me, lady!

I love the winter. It may be cold and windy and snowy, but I love it. Blankets! Layers! Fleece! Hot cocoa! MITTENS! Pretty flakes of snow! Why would you want to give that all up for leaky noses and watery eyes, never ending rain, wet and soggy feet, unpredictable temperatures that require sweaters and sandals in the same day?

When you stop and smell the flowers, you’re just breathing in botanical sexytimes!

My Thursday is already at 4pm… I have been horribly unproductive, then had half a bottle of wine at lunch and am therefore now even less productive than I was before. Go team!

Tonight I have to go home and clean my filthy flat and hope I don’t freeze because it’s got cold again. Thrills all round! I hope your morning’s going well!

Writing, writing, writing! I seem to have finally hit a good rhythm, although I have brief moments of panic when I look at all the work ahead of me. My partner has kindly designated this week Gore Movie Week, which means that, between the different instalments of Saw and the weird Japanese stuff, I’m not tempted to stop writing and go snuggle with him on the couch.

Today when I woke up I heard birds chirping for the first time all winter and its going to be like 52 out today which basically feels like a heat wave at this point. I already have my windows open. It feels so good to get some fresh air in here finally. Also I can’t wait until the daffodils are up they are my second favorite flower.

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