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Parenthood Recap: He’s Leaving Again

I knew it was going to happen. I just knew it. This week on NBC’s Parenthood, Seth left. He took Drew out a few more times, made plans for Friday, then sheepishly told Sarah (his ex/Drew’s mom) that his band was headed out of town. I wanted to jump through the television screen and throttle him. This time, though, Sarah made Seth tell his children he was hitting the road. Amber expected it, and this time, I think Drew saw his father in a different, less-flattering light.

This week we also got to see Julia’s daughter, Sydney, who hasn’t gotten many scenes lately. She announces to her parents at dinner one night that she’s become a vegetarian, and that she won’t be eating chicken any more. Julia and Joel smile amongst themselves, and don’t really push the issue. When Sydney’s grandparents come over, with a homemade meat lasagna, the vegetarian issue becomes something else entirely. In true Zeek fashion, he gets gruff with Sydney after she refuses to eat the alternative meal Camille willingly cooks just for her. Sydney then reports it to Julia, who then confronts Zeek about “forcing Sydney to eat meat.”

As a parent of a near six-year-old, I’ve learned to pick my battles. Not eating dinner is not a battle I’m willing to fight. We have a basic rule of “no dinner, then nothing else”. It surprises me how often my children choose the “nothing else” option, but so it goes.

This issue though, turns into Julia telling Zeek he’s undermining her authority, and then Camille backing Zeek up in her own genteel way. She’s the one who gets Zeek’s point across to Julia, while also scoring points with Zeek. I could have lived without the old people nooky scene this exchange led to, but hey, that’s just me.

All plot lines were moving forward in this week’s episode. Jasmine was finally ready to talk to Crosby, unfortunately she didn’t like what he had to say. Neither did Adam and Kristina when they found out the real reason why Gabby, Max’s amazing behavioral aide, quit so suddenly. As she put it to Kristina, “Things got complicated,” after she left Max’s party with Crosby while Jasmine was out of town.

All of this culminated to the closing scene of the show — the scene where Max comes down the stairs to Adam berating his younger brother Crosby in an insane, papa-bear kind of way because his house has been turned upside down by his brother’s antics. Max comes down to Adam yelling, “Your nephew has Asperger’s!” This brings long-time viewers back to when Max was first diagnosed and Adam and Kristina decided not to share the diagnosis with him. It set the scene for what appears to be a Max-themed episode next week.

All right fellow viewers, what did you think?

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I love that this show is living up to its potential to get good and complicated. Not in a bullshit soap opera way but in the way that relationships get so jumbled up sometimes even you can’t keep track of what you’re feeling.

I love the way Crosby is being written and played – he’s such an emotional dipshit and has just fucked himself over really hard and can’t understand why no one feels sorry for him because he’s so saaaaaad. Who doesn’t have an iteration of the man-child in their lives? I know I do.

Also, I love Mae Whitman so much. I wish I could time travel back to being young enough to pull off her little haircut. It’s killing me.

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